Agile Scrum Master Certification Training

Take your project management career to the next level by becoming an Agile Scrum Master, trusted to deliver efficient and effective projects

Companies currently employing Certified Agile Scrum Master Include:


Skills you will learn

Learn the incremental approach to deliver projects within the allocated timeframe.

Acquire the skills and principles of Scrum methodology to overcome project obstacles.

Develop an Agile mindset in order to successfully execute the framework at all enterprise levels.

Learn to manage risks at program, portfolio and team levels with complete transparency in project flow.

Learn how to deliver value to the customer and improve the organization design and culture.

Develop the core understanding of Scrum while working together with your peers.

Jobs Certified Scrum Master Can Get:

  • Agile Coach
  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Coach
  • Process Coach
  • Agile Project Manager

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Professional Earns Upto:


2 ways to become a AGILE SCRUM MASTER

Online Self-Paced Learning

*Self-paced courses only

Training Duration: 26 hours

  • 26 hours of self-paced video content
  • Free practice exam questions
  • Digital books and curated content
  • 1800+ certified experts & instructors


Price $499 $199 limited time offer



Self-paced courses + live coaching classes

Training Duration: 30 hours

  • 26 hours of self-paced video content
  • 4 hours of live coaching (2 hours class, weekly)
  • Free practice exam questions
  • Digital books and curated content
  • 1800+ certified experts & instructors
  • Ideal for high impact learning + certification

Price $3000 $1050 limited time offer


About the Training

The Scrum Master online bootcamp provides the detailed understanding of the Scrum framework, covering the components, roles, and processes of Scrum. Upon completing this course, the individuals will be able to launch a meaningful and lucrative career in software development.


The training is ideal for professionals employed in the IT sector such as project managers; team leaders; Scrum team members like Scrum Masters, managers, developers, product owners; teams shifting towards the Scrum approach, and even candidates actively pursuing and wanting to pursue the Scrum Master certification.


There are no prerequisites for the Scrum Master exams themselves; however, candidates are required to submit marked assignments in between the course in order to achieve the Master certification. The Master portion of the course can be delivered alongside the assignments (for the certification), or without them, for the course to be taught with a purely knowledge-centric focus.

Course Outline

Chapter 01: Course Overview and Introduction
Chapter 02: The Agile Way of Thinking
Chapter 03: The Scrum Master Role
Chapter 04: Estimating, Planning, Monitoring and Control
Chapter 05: Complex Projects
Chapter 06: Adopting Agile
Chapter 07: Scrum Master Practical Assignments
Chapter 08: Practice Agile Scrum Master Exam
Chapter 09: Agile Scrum Glossary


Top-notch Learning Experience

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Premium Reputation

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Certificate of Completion

The course prepares you with the scrum methodology, incremental approach, framework execution, risk management, team collaboration in a scrum environment.

Students will receive a certificate of completion upon completing all modules.

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