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  1. 10 Full Stack Web Developer Portfolio to Inspire You

    10 Full Stack Web Developer Portfolio to Inspire You

    Is building a portfolio relatively easy? Definitely not. For one, the idea of what project to concentrate or include to impress clients can be elusive. The second barrier could be with how to create the portfolio from scratch, what details to include, and what to avoid. Here are ten full-stack web developer portfolio we believe will inspire you to get started.

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  2. Are Cybersecurity Certifications Worth It?

    Are Cybersecurity Certifications Worth It?

    For many looking for the best cybersecurity certification, there is always hope a job is locking in the wind somewhere. The mentality that the amount of certificates you acquire in the industry gives you prestige also comes with a false sense of pride. Sometimes the certification is only there to capture the attention of the employer and nothing more. On the field, only about one or two certifications from your list of certifications matter to the project at hand. Few people believe that IT-related courses only make one better through practical training and not necessarily theoretical work. Is a certification, therefore, worth it in the current market? It depends on where you are on a lot of factors. 

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  3. Why Data Scientists are Crucial for AI Transformation

    Why Data Scientists are Crucial for AI Transformation

    With the enormous rise in innovations in the world of data science, we can categorically say that the era of a spreadsheet is winding down very fast (if not already over). Activities such as Google inquiry, scanning of passport, your online shopping records are all loaded with data that can be smartly collected, intelligently analyzed, and technically interpreted to inform strategic marketing decisions that can be monetized. In less than ten years, the processing speed, ability, and prowess of CPUs are expected to match or equal that of the human brain.

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  4. Web Development Career Opportunities

    Web Development Career Opportunities

    The websites we surf, the videos we watch online, the gifts we order from online stores are all made possible by web developers who design, implement, and build internet websites. Web developers are fully involved in the whole aspect of creating a website, from the design (layout and color) to more technical variables such as how fast each page loads and how the website handles massive amounts of traffic.

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  5. Best data science certifications in 2020

    Best data science certifications in 2020

    Data science is fast becoming one of the most sorts after jobs in this century, all thanks to technology. With the increasing number of data produced in every workplace, there is a need to find someone who can make sense of it all. Data scientists are distinct from managers of particular sections and departments. However, they play a significant in meeting each department half-way in terms of the data they extrapolated.

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  6. Benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification for Security Professionals

    Benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification for Security Professionals

    As various organization is now becoming more informed on the issues cybersecurity issues which have been prevalent in the world of technology. Apart from cybersecurity analysts, ethical hackers, and penetration testers, new jobs are cropping up daily on IT job websites. Security personnel has been in high demand in the field of IT which has made many institutions develop certification programs to prove the experience and skills of workers and job seekers alike in the cybersecurity field.

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  7. What Does A Data Analyst Do

    What Does A Data Analyst Do

    Data has always been an essential aspect of a business. However, there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of data available for companies to optimize their strategies. The need to get insight from these massive data necessitated the field of data analysis.

    Data analysts are in demand across all sectors, from manufacturing, finance, education, and even government. To start a career as a data analyst, consider enrolling for a data science Bootcamp to get adequate skills required for the field.

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  8. AZ 203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Study Guide

    AZ 203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Study Guide

    In the past few years, companies continue to drift towards public cloud platforms. Because it reduces costs, enhances flexibility in allocating resources, and improve their productivity. The migration to the cloud influences the innovation of various software used globally. Microsoft Azure is one of the evolutions. It has enhanced and created better business opportunities. 

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