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Monthly Archives: July 2019

  1. Is Web Development A Secure Future?

    Is Web Development A Secure Future?

    With the number of activities, we perform over the World Wide Web every day, it is hard to imagine life without it. As the world doesn’t work without the internet, there is no internet without web developers. These individuals are responsible for designing, creating and publishing the websites which we surf during each browsing session. Web development has been a relevant career for almost three decades now and as of 2019, the stats still show these professionals in high demand. This case study examines the current as well as an outlook of the web development industry and furnishes an evidence-based answer to the question that whether web development is a secure future or not.

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  2. How to Stay Current on Cybersecurity Trends?

    How to Stay Current on Cybersecurity Trends?

    Cybersecurity is a field where something new happens almost every day. Threat alerts are issued, updates are introduced for various programs and software, bugs are discovered and fixed etc. All these bits of information have to be kept tabs on because missing any one of them makes professionals vulnerable. Staying up to date with the latest happenings is the first step in beating cybercriminals.

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  3. 9 Must Skills You Need to Become A Data Scientist

    The use of big data as an insight generating engine has augmented the demand for data scientist at organizational level, across all industries. Whether it is used to bolster the process of product development, improving customer retention or either leveraging to drive business strategy of the company.

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  4. Double your salary by Investing in Cybersecurity Career

    Cyberspaces have expanded to encompass the world. That is not the troubling part. It is that we let them grow defenseless. Today cybercriminals are having the time of their lives while companies frantically try to put up appropriate defense systems. This is one of the reasons why cybersecurity has become one of the fields where unemployment rates have dropped to zero percent. There are professionals out there who might be without a job but that is because of a few reasons like unrealistic salary expectations or the time taken to switch between jobs etc.

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  5. Double Your Income by Investing in Data Science Career

    Double Your Income by Investing in Data Science Career

    In 2014, a job search for ‘data scientist’ on any popular website would yield only about a thousand results. Today that number has grown to almost 26,000. This is no surprise given the pace at which organizations are realizing the important of big data and the difference it can make in decision making. Data scientists are professionals who collect, analyze and interpret complex data to help businesses make all kinds of plans and strategies. This job has become imperative to every industry and organization on the planet. In this article, we will break down how investing in a data science career today can help you witness a salary raise of 50% or more in your next position.

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