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  1. Most Common Interview Questions for Cybersecurity Jobs

    Most Common Interview Questions for Cybersecurity Jobs

    Cybersecurity jobs are in high demand. Unfortunately, however, the skill gap in the market is enormous too. Companies are in search of specific knowledge which they are unable to find in the candidates who show up for interviews. Keeping this in mind, it is not possible to list every possible or definitive question which an employer may put before a prospective candidate. However, here are a few of our top picks. These questions are bound to appear in an interview in some form and their answers can help determine certain aspects about each candidate.

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  2. Employment Statistics for Cybersecurity Jobs

    Employment Statistics for Cybersecurity Jobs

    Cybersecurity damages to double in the six years. According to a study conducted by Cybersecurity Ventures, the losses from cybercrimes are expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021. This number stood at $3 trillion in 2015.

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  3. 10 Components of A Strong Cybersecurity Program

    10 Components of A Strong Cybersecurity Program

    In the past decade, worldwide internet penetration has grown to 56% and to a staggering 81% in the developed world. The cyberspace has grown faster than anyone could have predicted. This has brought with its grave threats which are also beyond what anyone could have foreseen. Cybercriminals are evolving faster than most major cyberspace users. This phenomenon was highlighted by the waves of ransomware attacks that took place last year.

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  4. The Basic Principles of Cybersecurity You Need to Know

    The Basic Principles of Cybersecurity You Need to Know

    Cybercrimes are one of the fastest growing menaces these days. The annual losses from these activities are estimated to be more than $6 trillion by 2021. This figure stood at $3 trillion just six years ago. 2018 was a year that saw a surge in ransomware attacks around the world. Almost every major company in the world took a hit because of it. Besides this hacking is a common practice that plagues tech giants like Facebook too. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 38% of all companies are still unprepared to deal with a sophisticated attack of any kind.

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  5. Is Web Development A Secure Future?

    Is Web Development A Secure Future?

    Future of Web Development

    With the number of activities, we perform over the World Wide Web every day, it is hard to imagine life without it. As the world doesn’t work without the internet, there is no internet without web developers. These individuals are responsible for designing, creating and publishing the websites which we surf during each browsing session. Web development has been a relevant career for almost three decades now and as of 2019, the stats still show these professionals in high demand. This case study examines the current as well as an outlook of the web development industry and furnishes an evidence-based answer to the question that whether web development is a secure future or not.

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  6. The Most Frequently Asked Questions about IT Training Bootcamps

    The Most Frequently Asked Questions about IT Training Bootcamps

    Bootcamps are designed to provide intensive and specific learnings which cater to current market trends. In today’s rapidly progressing environment, learning new skills is becoming imperative. In accordance with this need, professionals are in search of learning opportunities which provide the relevant knowledge without taking up a lot of time, money or other resources. This is where Bootcamps come into the equation.

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  7. How to Become a Cybersecurity Analyst

    How to Become a Cybersecurity Analyst

    As a part of living in the digital world is understanding that our private information or company related information is more defenseless than ever before due to which cybersecurity has become an imperative aspect of the cyber world. With the passage of time, companies have started to completely rely on systems, networks, and programs; For this, all these networks and systems must be monitored & free of all loopholes as even the slightest gap can lead to providing opportunities to malicious intruders who are usually aiming to access, destroy, or change confidential information; extortion of money from users or interrupting normal business practices. Because of this, The US government regularly spends $20 billion/year on cybersecurity but warns with a disclaimer that cyber-attacks are evolving at a staggering pace.

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  8. How to Become a Web Developer in Four Months

    How to Become a Web Developer in Four Months

    The World Wide Web has evolved rapidly over the last two decades. As businesses in today’s world, operate more in virtual locations than in brick and mortar settings, they are a big part of the growing cyberspace today. One of those virtual locations is a website, where a lot of companies are running their businesses by selling their products and services online.

    It is impractical to say that the companies selling these products and services can reach everywhere and explain their offerings to the customers without the use of an effective digital medium. And, at the same time, customers want everything on their fingertips. This is where the role of a website comes in. These platforms fill the gap between the customer and the company. However, to design a state-of-the-art website which contains the crux of the business with additional influence on customer centricity and attractiveness is the job of an expert. That ‘expert’ is known as a web developer. These are professionals who design a website and bridges the gap between the company and the customers. Since, there are various kinds of websites which are designed and have different prospects to it, becoming a web developer is not easy not to crack.

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