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  1. How to become a Security Architect

    How to become a Security Architect

    Categories: Career Driven
    Modern day technology has revolutionized businesses around the world, with high end connectivity services and solutions are just a click away from the consumer. But there is a downside as well, with increasing advancements in technology cybercrime has picked up speed as well. Industrial and state level espionage is higher now than it ever was. This increasing threat has opened up a huge market for cybersecurity trained professional, security architect are a primary part of this domain.
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  2. Cloud Deployment Models: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Cloud Deployment Models: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    Whether you run an enterprise business or a startup, moving your workload location to the cloud makes a whole lot of sense in today’s time. Modern day business units can never function through the rigid structure of onsite workload location as its low on flexibility, devoid of many required features and high on costs.
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  3. How Amazon cloud is evolving

    How Amazon cloud is evolving

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    The Amazon cloud, usually referred to as AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an essential part of Amazon’s offerings, with its share in Amazon’s revenue steadily going up year by year. AWS powers some of the most used websites and services across the world and counts as clients some of the biggest corporations, universities, and government agencies.
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  4. Types of cloud computing models

    Types of cloud computing models

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing is now an essential part of almost every industry in the world. We all use multiple applications powered by cloud services for communication, entertainment, data store, and much more. Cloud computing models can be divided into three broad categories, each with its own advantages and disadvantages for different types of uses.
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  5. What is the CompTIA Network+ and What Can It Do for Me?

    What is the CompTIA Network+ and What Can It Do for Me?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management
    Have you ever had a dream of becoming a network administrator? Network administrators are great at adding value to the world around them via connecting people. Their media are often social platforms like twitter, snapchat, Facebook, etc.
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    Why Cyber Security is Important for Business

    For businesses utilizing the internet to run their daily activities, cyber risk is always a threat. Too often, both small and big organizations fall into the trap of thinking that there is no need for cybersecurity in their businesses, maybe due to a small database, or their lack of knowledge about the number of hackers hunting data. However, it is the responsibility of all organizations to ensure the safety and privacy of both customer and employee data. According to a current study by security experts, theft of digital information (cyber theft) has surpassed physical theft as the most commonly reported case of fraud, and cyber threat cost companies over $600 billion in 2017.
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  7. What is risk management in cybersecurity?

    What is risk management in cybersecurity?

     Cybersecurity is not only for the IT department to handle; it affects the whole organization, and so it deserves a holistic approach. With the proliferation of computers and other internet of things in an organization's information and communication structure, risk management is a discussion that can't be avoided. If information and communication are part of a firm's infrastructure, care should be taken on how to keep it safe.
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  8. How To Decide Which Data Science Bootcamp Is Right For You

    How To Decide Which Data Science Bootcamp Is Right For You

    Categories: Data Science
    The world has becoming a global village, and tremendous transformations are taking place in the IT landscape. This has led to an increase in demand for skilled data scientists.  According to a Mckinsey Global institute report, demand for skilled data scientists was growing at about 12% per year as of 2016. Since then, the situation has become better since large cities in the US still battle with inadequate skilled data scientists. This further shows that there is a national shortage of about 151,717 people with data science skills in the US. Consequently, it is expected from McKinsey's report that by 2024, there is likely to be a shortage of about 250,000 data scientists in the United States. Sure, with this, you can see the obvious lucrative side of data science. Bootcamps can help you take a fast-track way to getting into the professional field of data. We’ll help you understand how to decide which data science Bootcamp will be best for you to achieve your career goals.
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