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Monthly Archives: January 2020

  1. web-developer-profile

    10 Full Stack Web Developer Portfolio to Inspire You

    Is building a portfolio relatively easy? Definitely not. For one, the idea of what project to concentrate or include to impress clients can be elusive. The second barrier could be with how to create the portfolio from scratch, what details to include, and what to avoid. Here are ten full-stack web developer portfolio we believe will inspire you to get started.
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  2. Cybersecurity Certification

    Are Cybersecurity Certifications Worth It?

    For many looking for the best cybersecurity certification, there is always hope a job is locking in the wind somewhere. The mentality that the amount of certificates you acquire in the industry gives you prestige also comes with a false sense of pride. Sometimes the certification is only there to capture the attention of the employer and nothing more. On the field, only about one or two certifications from your list of certifications matter to the project at hand. Few people believe that IT-related courses only make one better through practical training and not necessarily theoretical work. Is a certification, therefore, worth it in the current market? It depends on where you are on a lot of factors. 
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