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Monthly Archives: March 2020

  1. Is PMP Certification Worth It

    Is PMP Certification Worth It? 2020 Edition

     Growing businesses are sustained by projects, making projects a key operating factor in an organization. Every organization, therefore, needs a skilled project manager to manage their company projects. A project manager is a beacon in any industry.
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    How to Become a Cyber Security Engineer Without A Degree

     To become a cybersecurity engineer takes a lot of practice that is usually backed up by a degree at the end of the day. Employers demand a degree when they are trying to set a benchmark for recruitment. But unlike other fields like Medicine and Law, a cybersecurity degree is not a prerequisite for employment because the job experience doesn't necessarily have to come from the four walls of a university. To put it plainly, the university isn't the only way or place to learn cybersecurity. Most senior analysts themselves had no degree because at the time they got into the field, there were few universities offering cybersecurity as a course of study.
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  3. Learning with Income Share Agreement

    Learning with Income Share Agreement (ISA)

    Income Share Agreement, ever heard of it? As a college student, chances are you've come across several different ways or options to finance your education. At this point, we're talking about everything from traditional student loans to private student loans to credit union loans and more. But of course, in this post, we're looking at the financial tool, Income Share Agreement. Generally considered an alternative to traditional student loans, ISAs work on the premise of repayments based on your income following your graduation. Perhaps the biggest highlight of learning with Income Share Agreement is that students won't have to worry about fees and interest. What's more, if things don't go as planned and you end up getting a job that doesn't pay much, you won't be coerced into making full repayment.
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    Data Engineers and Data Scientists Similarities

      Data engineers and data scientists operate in an area of specialty that overlaps one another. Their skills and responsibility are on the same path, they only differ in focus. 

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  5. Linus Linux Administration: Past, Present And and Is Tthe Future?

    Linux Administration: Past, Present And and Is The Future?

    These days, many people are into tech companies, ranging from school video streaming to grocery businesses down to the government agencies. Technology is now a driving force for any business. At the heart of this driving force is Linux, which has resulted in exceptionally high paid jobs by companies and government agencies for dedicated professionals.
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  6. How To Decide Which Data Analytics Bootcamp Is Right For You

    How To Decide Which Data Analytics Bootcamp Is Right For You

    Data affects every aspect of our day-to-day activities in this modern era. Each data point sourced and collected provides today’s businesses with an opportunity to analyze better, access, and understand customers’ behaviors to achieve their set organizational mandates.
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    Presentation Tips to Improve Your Data Science Communication Skills

    Communication is essential in data science. When an individual completes his/her data science certification training and takes on a project, the first step is to ask, “what value it will be adding to the project owner.” Data science requires the technical know-how to acquire data, target the relevant data and then analyze that data. Having a knowledge of the value it will add to the project owners streamlines the goal of the data scientist. Having a set goal avails the data scientist the ease of explaining the process to non-data scientists. To have a better understanding of the data science process, I have attached an infographic below.
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  8. Must have web development tools

    Must Have Web Development Tools; 2020 Edition

    Becoming a professional web developer is a gradual process. Whether you just took your first step in coding by entering a web development bootcamp or you already know how to program, there is a lot of steps to take into becoming a web developer.
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