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Abdul Mujeeb

Abdul Mujeeb
Abdul Mujeeb
Training Operations manager

Abdul Mujeeb is a Training Operations manager at QuickStart Technologies. He has over 10+ years of managing varied domains of technical side of businesses from Implementation, Consultation, and Architecture Solutions for Startup. Apart from that he also has expertise around Security+, CEH, CCNA, Web Development, Software Development & integration, Information System, Project Manager Implementation, SQA & Architecture Development, and IT Consultation for Startups.


    How to Become a Cyber Security Engineer Without A Degree

     To become a cybersecurity engineer takes a lot of practice that is usually backed up by a degree at the end of the day. Employers demand a degree when they are trying to set a benchmark for recruitment. But unlike other fields like Medicine and Law, a cybersecurity degree is not a prerequisite for employment because the job experience doesn't necessarily have to come from the four walls of a university. To put it plainly, the university isn't the only way or place to learn cybersecurity. Most senior analysts themselves had no degree because at the time they got into the field, there were few universities offering cybersecurity as a course of study.
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  2. Emerging Cyber-Threats To Worry About In 2019

    Emerging Cyber-Threats To Worry About In 2020

    One of the areas of top concerns in this modern world of technology is cybersecurity. Take for instance, a lot of cybersecurity damages were recorded in 2018, and there were security defects in billions of microchips as well as a widespread data violation globally. Other top cybersecurity concerns are attacks using harmful software, which are capable of locking down computer systems until their owners pay some amount as ransom. You must be wondering how then can all these attacks be curbed? The solution isn’t farfetched. In order to deal with cases of ransomware attacks, mega-breaches, and other threatening cyber-attacks, including threats to web-connected consumer devices, security groups such as cybersecurity boot camps have to make such issues the point of their focus. In doing so, however, cyber defenders also have to be mindful of other emerging threats. 
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  3. 6 Steps to A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment


    Assessing cybersecurity risk can be a daunting task if you look at the size and resources of the organization. For smaller firms, it is easier to use a one-that-fits-all strategy. Nevertheless, when dealing with a much larger firm, all bets are off the table because the amount of information can be overwhelming.

    The limitations of assessing cybersecurity risk for a large firm begins with the number of people that are doing the work. It is never a one-person show if you care about the company and the users of its product.

    Sometimes the way and manner the business runs don’t conform with the overall objective of the firm. At other times, processes and functions may be lagging with delivery and transaction problems. If you have to deal with regulatory agencies and manage your image due to negative feedback to the public, you can add those to the list too.

    All these could get presented as the firm's inability to control risk effectively. A hacker that infiltrates y

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  4. 5 Cybersecurity Certifications That Will Get You Hired

    5 Cybersecurity Certifications That Will Get You Hired


    It isn't just the outside world that isn't safe anymore. Crime has increased everywhere, including the electronic space. Cyberattack is one of the fastest-growing crime worlds over, with

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  5. 5 Cybersecurity Threats to Be Aware of in 2020

    5 Cybersecurity Threats to Be Aware of in 2020

    Organizations in this age are continually faced with the uphill task of running computational procedures that are free from cyber invasions. high-end end increase in connectivity seems to have up the scale of the attack and create more platforms hackers can focus their mischief on. Last year, the number of cyber-attacks around the globe was unprecedented. Exactis, a data mining and marketing firm as an example lost over 340 million users' data to a public server. There were also tens of leaks both in government parastatals and private sectors.
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  6. Cybersecurity Certification

    Are Cybersecurity Certifications Worth It?

    For many looking for the best cybersecurity certification, there is always hope a job is locking in the wind somewhere. The mentality that the amount of certificates you acquire in the industry gives you prestige also comes with a false sense of pride. Sometimes the certification is only there to capture the attention of the employer and nothing more. On the field, only about one or two certifications from your list of certifications matter to the project at hand. Few people believe that IT-related courses only make one better through practical training and not necessarily theoretical work. Is a certification, therefore, worth it in the current market? It depends on where you are on a lot of factors. 
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  7. Benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification for Security Professionals

    Benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification for Security Professionals


    As various organization is now becoming more informed on the issues cybersecurity issues which have been prevalent in the world of technology. Apart from cybersecurity analysts, ethical hackers, and penetration testers, new jobs are cropping up daily on IT job websites. Security personnel has been in high demand in the field of IT which has made many institutions develop certification programs to prove the experience and skills of workers and job seekers alike in the cybersecurity field.

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  8. Cybersecurity sales reps are in high demand

    Cybersecurity sales reps are in high demand


    There’s hardly a week that goes by without an issue of a company losing its data or been hacked. The situation necessitated the field of cybersecurity, and the sector is growing rapidly. An estimated 3.5 million jobs will be unfulfilled in the industry by 2021, and a cybersecurity sales representative is one of the fields to experience this expansion.

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