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Abdul Mujeeb

Abdul Mujeeb
Abdul Mujeeb
Training Operations manager

Abdul Mujeeb is a Training Operations manager at QuickStart Technologies. He has over 10+ years of managing varied domains of technical side of businesses from Implementation, Consultation, and Architecture Solutions for Startup. Apart from that he also has expertise around Security+, CEH, CCNA, Web Development, Software Development & integration, Information System, Project Manager Implementation, SQA & Architecture Development, and IT Consultation for Startups.

  1. 9 Cloud Security Risks Every Company Faces

    9 Cloud Security Risks Every Company Faces


    Cloud security provides easy-to-use structures to aid IT processes, cost-efficiency, mobility, and remote access. Many companies on the global map have adopted cloud security owing to the many benefits it brings. But the recent attacks on cloud security is proof that not only is it highly vulnerable to attacks, and that massive loss can also be incurred if the bad guys' break-in. In 2017, a study by CGI in collaboration with Oxford Economics concluded that over 50 billion dollars have been lost to salvage the damage of data breach from 2014 to 2019.

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  2. 6 Skills You Need to Succeed in Cybersecurity

    6 Skills You Need to Succeed in Cybersecurity


    In today's cyber world, with increasing technological innovations come increasing security challenges. Brands world over are digitizing their processes to keep up with technological demands. New innovations do not, however, come without new vulnerabilities.  As hackers are growing smarter by the day, companies are looking for the smartest hand to help secure their systems from their threats.

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  3. How to Pay for CyberSecurity Bootcamp

    How to Pay for CyberSecurity Bootcamp


    Cybersecurity is one of the most relevant fields in the world today. Particularly in the United States, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. With a zero percent employment rate, the field has drawn considerable attention over the past few years. Not just the experience but the average salaries in the field are between $76,000 to $96,000 a year according to stats from PayScale and ZipRecruiter

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  4. Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing

    Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing


    Technology over the years has introduced us to a number of exciting concepts. Cloud computing is certainly one of the most note-worthy among these. Ever since its inception, it has quickly found traction in various industries around the globe. It is estimated that organizational spending on cloud computing is expected to grow as much as six times by the end of 2020.

    Cloud servers are increasingly being used for a variety of purposes including the storage of sensitive information. This has meant that cybercriminals have directed their attention towards this avenue too. At the end of the day, protection of cloud computing has also become a challenge for us. Here’s everything that is to be known about security in cloud computing.

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  5. How to get started with cybersecurity?

    How to get started with cybersecurity?


    Cybersecurity is one of the most exciting disciplines of work available today. The rate at which employment rates are growing is staggering. Moreover, the richness of experience is unparalleled. All in all, the best ingredients exist make cybersecurity one of the most decorated job industries on the planet today.

    We’re sure we got you excited! Or maybe you already were considering to start a journey down this path. So, where do you start? Here is a comprehensive guide about things that you should know if you are planning that your next career move is going to be towards cybersecurity.

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  6. Why Cybersecurity Awareness Is Important and How It Affects Us

    Why Cybersecurity Awareness Is Important and How It Affects Us


    Cybercrime is not a new concept. It has been around almost ever since the internet itself. Yet, these activities have only recently begun to emerge with a force that has never been seen before. From organizations to households, no one is safe from the menace of cybercrime.

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  7. Where Automated Cybersecurity is Headed in 2019

    Where Automated Cybersecurity is Headed in 2019


    One of the many conveniences that technology brings to our lives is connectivity. Not only among humans but within machines too. The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing multiple devices in contact with one another so that they can transmit signals between them and establish contact. This way various appliances, gadgets and things come together and humans can control them from one place with ease.

    The Internet of Things has been available for devices for many years but in the past one new gadget is becoming a part of this network; cars! Yes! As technology grows with leaps and bounds, cars are being fitted with more complex and advanced electronics that allow them to for cyberspace among themselves.

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  8. How to Stay Current on Cybersecurity Trends?

    How to Stay Current on Cybersecurity Trends?


    Cybersecurity is a field where something new happens almost every day. Threat alerts are issued, updates are introduced for various programs and software, bugs are discovered and fixed etc. All these bits of information have to be kept tabs on because missing any one of them makes professionals vulnerable. Staying up to date with the latest happenings is the first step in beating cybercriminals.

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