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Cybersecurity Instructor; Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller
Cybersecurity Instructor

Christopher Miller has 7 years of experience in the STEM and IT field, particularly with high school and colleges. Working with FIRST, an NGO that designs accessible, innovative programs that motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math, while building self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills – he has spent the past 3 years with AmeriCorps VISTA member where he instructs teachers in low income and underrepresented areas on how to build and run new self-sufficient programs.

His responsibilities as an instructor includes working on robotics. Teaching, designing, wiring, building, troubleshooting networking issues, and programing robots. Know more about him and his insights by following this blog.

  1. How to become a Security Engineer

    How to become a Security Engineer

    The modern world is becoming heavily dependent on technology and internet has a big part to play in it. Through widespread communication and mobile devices we have been able to wirelessly connect with people and devices from across the globe. But with the increasing network of devices the risk for online attacks increases as well and this boosts the demands for skilled Cybersecurity Engineers.
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  2. How to become a Cryptographer

    How to become a Cryptographer

    Cryptographers are professionals who decipher and create codes and puzzles. Cryptographers create algorithms and protocols that are used to encrypt data packets. The primary goal of any cryptographer is to ensure safe communication of data between mediums for various private and government organizations.
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  3. How to become a security consultant

    How to become a security consultant

    Cybersecurity consultants are one of the most in demand professions in the world of cybersecurity. Whether you’re a university graduate or have completed a cybersecurity certification online, becoming a security consultant is the right choice for you. Cybersecurity consultant are not just the in fashion today but will dominate the market in the future as well.
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  4. Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Bootcamps

    Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Bootcamps

    Are you an IT professional looking to make the leap towards Cybersecurity? Or maybe a technician looking to upskill and enhance their career path by training themselves in Ethical Hacking? Or a self-taught freshie who’s ready to make it into the global digital ecosystem? Well wherever and whoever you are there is a Cybersecurity Bootcamp ready-made and waiting just for you!
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  5. Five emerging cyber-threats to worry about in 2020

    Five emerging cyber-threats to worry about in 2020

    Cybersecurity threats are evolving, the increasing bandwidth of cyber-attacks has shaken up the entire IT sector. Cyber-attacks are now more sophisticated than ever, attackers now use advanced malware and machine learning to hack into complex systems. This activity has put private and government organizations at a constant risk and high alert.
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  6. How Texas A&M Kingsville bootcamp program can help you become a Cybersecurity Professional in 6 months?

    How Texas A&M Kingsville bootcamp program can help you become a Cybersecurity Professional in 6 months?

    Cybersecurity trainings are becoming more and popular these days, the main reason behind this can traced back to the global expansion of the digital ecosystem. Cybersecurity professionals are basically responsible for maintaining security of data centers, web servers and applications. A cybersecurity trained professional is expected to implemented systems and algorithms to constantly monitor cyber threats and eliminate them. A cybersecurity trained professional has the capacity to analyze and rectify any security loopholes and vulnerabilities. They implemented advanced protocols and systems to protect valuable data from cyber theft.
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  7. What are the different areas of cybersecurity?

    What are the different areas of cybersecurity?

    Computer these days are 24/7 connected with each other, through the advancements of internet both computer and mobile devices are connected with one another channeling information from one web server to another. This ease in exchange of information has made a ground breaking impact on our lives, from social media to search engines we all depend on the internet to consume information. This heavy reliance has subjected web servers to host some private information as well and with this come cyber threats in the picture.
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  8. How to become a Security Architect

    How to become a Security Architect

    Modern day technology has revolutionized businesses around the world, with high end connectivity services and solutions are just a click away from the consumer. But there is a downside as well, with increasing advancements in technology cybercrime has picked up speed as well. Industrial and state level espionage is higher now than it ever was. This increasing threat has opened up a huge market for cybersecurity trained professional, security architect are a primary part of this domain.
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