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Umer Sohail

Umer Sohail
  1. 7 essential web development tools

    7 essential web development tools

    Web development has significantly evolved in just a few short years. This progress gives developers the ability to using highly tested libraries to enhance their workflow and also enjoy

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  2. 6 Steps to A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

    Assessing cybersecurity risk can be a daunting task if you look at the size and resources of the organization. For smaller firms, it is easier to use a one-that-fits-all strategy. Nevertheless, when dealing with a much larger firm, all bets are off the table because the amount of information can be overwhelming.

    The limitations of assessing cybersecurity risk for a large firm begins with the number of people that are doing the work. It is never a one-person show if you care about the company and the users of its product.

    Sometimes the way and manner the business runs don’t conform with the overall objective of the firm. At other times, processes and functions may be lagging with delivery and transaction problems. If you have to deal with regulatory agencies and manage your image due to negative feedback to the public, you can add those to the list too.

    All these could get presented as the firm's inability to control risk effectively. A hacker that infiltrates y

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  3. 5 Ways To Prepare For a Coding Bootcamp

    5 Ways To Prepare For a Coding Bootcamp

    Coding bootcamps are the rave of this time, and it doesn't appear they'll be staying for just the moment. The massive shift of tech learning from the classroom to other media is a

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  4. 5 Cybersecurity Certifications That Will Get You Hired

    5 Cybersecurity Certifications That Will Get You Hired

    It isn't just the outside world that isn't safe anymore. Crime has increased everywhere, including the electronic space. Cyberattack is one of the fastest-growing crime worlds over, with

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  5. 5 Best Entry IT Certifications

    5 Best Entry IT Certifications

    The field of information technology is as broad as the ocean, and for a beginner enthusiastic about learning or starting an IT career, profitably navigating through the murky waters of

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