Data science is fast becoming one of the most sorts after jobs in this century, all thanks to technology. With the increasing number of data produced in every workplace, there is a need to find someone who can make sense of it all. Data scientists are distinct from managers of particular sections and departments. However, they play a significant in meeting each department half-way in terms of the data they extrapolated.

The reason or need for online data science certification

The job of a data scientist is simple, to use learning tools or artificial intelligence that gets programmed for data extrapolation in the office. Find the underlying problem and write a report on the best possible way to follow.

In marketing, for example, tools like SPSS have been used to understand consumers and predict their next buying decisions. Some have been used to study the market, introduce new products and ideas that are beneficial to the economy and the world at large.

These are some of the reasons why most job vacancies get filled with companies looking for data scientists. Sometimes no experience is required because the more experienced the analyst is, the better the pay packet they get in the long term.

Technology has made the job of the data scientist in demand that people are beginning to follow through with it by seeking certification. Some of the best data science jobs require at least two years in the university or competent higher institutions to gain certification.

Furthermore, the salary of an average data scientist is far more rewarding than most notable profession you can think of now. 

There are growing numbers of certification centers in schools, E-learning platforms, bootcamps, and much more. That is why we have taken the time to peruse through the best possible data science certification in 2019. 

Dell Technologies data scientist associate (DCA-DS)

If you look closely, you will find many professionals are organizing courses quite frequently. But if you check carefully, data science is the subject that is more in demand than most other courses. Not because others are not important, but because it is a job that has been created by the type of technology, we use in business today.

Yes, DCA-DS are usually short and might not cover the most tools needed in the industry to survive as a data scientist. However, they teach enough to get you the required certification to carry on the most basic task of extrapolation and analysis.

We have always insisted that data science is too broad for it to be covered by only one person at a time. We started talking about specialization as we look into the future of data science. It may be the time to get a needed certification from DCA-DS even if it is just on a few topics...
It cost up to $230 to register, and exams will get written on every course taught.

Other certifications under entry-level include Microsoft certified Azure data scientist associate and more

EMC data science associate 

Being an associate means you can get to work in the background of leading figures in data science. That way, you can harness the skills not already known from senior partners in the field. 

EMC provides those who enroll for their program as beginners the platform to work in the field and gain reliable experience. Those who already have a data science foundation are not left of the program either, as there are a significant number of lessons which they may have missed or not know about. It is not advisable, however, for someone in an advanced class to sit for such a program as it might be too dull for them.

Data science council of America ( DASCA)

It is a senior data scientist program that hopes to prepare students of data scientists for a higher level of work before the professional certification. It means students in this field have passed through the rudiments of the program, and how to further in the areas of SDS and PDS. 

Many employers might view you as a labor-intensive kind of data scientist that handle big data. And that you can handle the most severe task thrown to you by the management.

Cloudera certified professionals

These are professionals who have not only managed to hold big data; they have mastered the art of interpreting them to employers.

The certification includes carrying on more responsibility than ever before, like attending company meetings where major decisions get made. It will allow you to throw more light on various data they may have at their tables.

It covers a broad range of topics in engineering, stat, and data analysis. You will also learn to solve cases thrown at you in the exam and score an average of 70% to pass.

Courses like Cloudera cost a lot during each exam, which is usually three times other courses. A $600 price tag awaits after every attempt.

SAS certified advanced analytics professional

From covering subjects like machine learning, we don't need to get told there is a professional certification required here. You will also add eight more courses to machine learning, including maths or statistics. 

It cost $299 to register and get the certification after writing the exam. You will need to be grounded in your senior data scientist program, as well.

In conclusion, while everyone might be looking for data science certification training to get a hold of some of these programs. A few people are getting them by attending bootcamps and physical classes. That way, they can get to work with peers of like minds and ask questions the way they want.

Online data science training doesn't allow users to stay connected to peers like a Bootcamp or a physical class will. That is why professionals administer a lot of these courses with affiliations to regulatory bodies. Attendees must have been found to able to carry on the certificates meted down to them in skill and character before they can be called data scientists.


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