Do you have an interest in data analysis and want to forge a career in the field? Would you like to explore the opportunities involved in using Python in solving lots of problems facing data creation and utilization? Why not take up a course in Data analysis. The question of where to take an online course on Data Analysis that would be as detailed as the one needed to become a professional. If that is a question you are faced with, then look no further as Quick Learn as got you covered.

Why you should take a data analysis course with quick, learn

Data Analysis courses address different methods of managing and analyzing large datasets. In most organizations today, the data analysis position is one of the few spots that are not quickly filled. This is because of the high demand for data professionals with lots of vacancies and few data professionals out there. Here is the main reason why it is advisable for anyone who has an interest in data analysis to register with quick learn and undergo a course training with us. Quick learn is a systems integration consulting and training company that provide public and private classes to several individuals. They have several courses that are available to individuals and are one of the best at online teaching and are one of the best data analytics Bootcamps available to everyone from different works of life.

Why study Data Analysis?

Before going deep into Data Analysis, it would be nice of us to make it known that Data Analysis is not only for mathematics and computer science whiz kids. Anyone who is ready to forge a career in Data Analysis and is willing to take the online courses on Quick Learn to become certified can become a data analyst. With that out of the way, data analysis is essential because there is a rising new in getting valuable insight from the massive amount of data received by companies daily. This is where a person who is certified in Data Analysis comes in; they are tasked with the job of processing varied data concerning the product, customers, and performance of the company to help with the decision-making of the management. This makes the position of a data analyst a vital role in any organization. With the information was given by a data analyst enables the company to define the needs of the customers and the kind of products that would satisfy them, the marketing strategies to adopt and the every other necessary product improvements.

What would I learn from taking the course?

When you take a course on Data Analysis on Quick Learn, you would be exposed to some of the essential techniques, tools, and skills needed by any Data Analyst to manipulate and analyze datasets and make conclusions. Some of the methods, tools, and skills you would pick up include;

  • Plotting graphs with Matplotlib
  • Understand how to use Pandas
  • Learn how to code with Python and to make use of Python’s functions, sequences, loop, and conditional statements.
  • Predictive and exploratory statistics
  • Introduction to algorithms
  • Unix and Grit
  • R for statistical analysis
  • Data visualization

Overview of a Data Analyst

After taking the course on Data Analysis on our site, you would be able to complete the following tasks required by any Data Analyst in any organization you find yourself.

  • Define the question and goal behind the analysis.
  • Collate the accurate data necessary to help answer the question behind the analysis.
  • Improve the quality of the data by performing data cleaning or wrangling and prep it for interpretation and analysis.
  • Making use of necessary documents like Excel and Google sheets to help manipulate data.
  • Making use of statistical tools to analyze and interpret the data.
  • Presenting analyzed data in the right way (i.e. charts, graphs, tables, etc.). The analyzed data presented in the proper format would aid in making decisions and spot trends and patterns quickly.

Career opportunities in Data Analysis

Data analysis is an entry-level role, meaning it is the start of a wonderful career if you get certified and get a job in an organization. With a certificate from Quick Learn, you can go on to hold several posts as time goes passes. With experience and further learning, you can forge a much-fulfilled career path for yourself and be happy with yourself. Becoming a certified data analyst can open doors to lucrative careers for you to build on, below is a list of careers you are opened to and average salaries for the different jobs; 

  • Data Analysts: $65,470
  • Business Analysts: $70,170
  • Product Manager: $108,978
  • Digital Marketer: $67,230
  • Quantitative Analyst: $94,051
  • Data Scientist: $120,931

What are the must-have skills for becoming a Data Analyst?

Excel (spreadsheets)

Excel is the most popular of all analytics tools used by data analysts. It helps in performing complex data analysis, mainly because of the pivot tables. Excel is an essential skill/tool every professional should learn to make use of as it aids in so many different things on cannot begin to imagine.

SQL (structured query language)

One of the essential in-demand skills of any Data Analysis role is knowing SQL. SQL allows a data analyst to interact with databases, making it easy to retrieve data easily and quickly. With SQL, you can easily carry out operations like extracting data from different databases.

R programming language

Used by data miners, data scientists, data analysts, and business analysts to develop statistical software, machine learning, data analysis and lots more. This programming language is an important skill any aspiring data analyst has to have under his/her belt. It is a programming language for graphics and statistical computing.

Data Visualization

With the knowledge of data visualization, every data analyst can easily present the analysis of the data analyzed in a way that can be easily understood by non-tech senior executives who are in charge of making decisions for the company. With the knowledge of data visualization, a data analyst can preset their summaries in the form of graphs, charts etc. making it easy to spot the trends, and patterns and help understand complex information.

Other essential skills worth noting to have to become good at data Analyst include Google sheets, Data studio, and basic machine learning and AI. The exciting part of it all is that Quick Learn allows you to learn most of these skills on its website. Look through the course we have listed on our website and pick what you are interested in perfecting and get certified.