Data science is fast becoming one of the most in-demand jobs in the IT world, and not so many individuals are ready to go back to the four-cornered wall school to get the education for these hot cake jobs. This is why many people turn to the online form of learning to get the needed knowledge to become an expert in the field of Data Science. The question “where can I get the best data science Bootcamps online?” begins to ring in the minds of people who want to learn about Data Science. There are lots of websites that offer data science courses to individuals or groups of people who are willing to learn, and one such site is quick to learn. Quick learn is a systems integration consulting and training company that provides public and private classes to several individuals. They have several courses that are available to individuals and are one of the best at online teaching. With that said, let’s dive more into data science and why it might be essential to learn more about data science.

What is data science?

In the modern-day era, we are way past the traditional stage, where data are categorized and are in small bits. With technological advancements, data are now either categorized or uncategorized. For this reason, there is a need to be able to analyze these data, which are produced in large sizes. This was where the need for data scientist became important. Data science is closely related to data mining and big data. It is a multi-disciplinary field that blends the use of scientific methods, algorithm development, data inference, and system to extract knowledge and insight structured and unstructured data in other to solve analytically complex problems. This, therefore, means that a data scientist makes use of raw data in creative ways to generate bigger and better business value.

Why do I need to learn data science?

With the technical advancement in the world of IT, companies are beginning to produce lots of data for their customers. They become flooded with gigantic amounts of data. Companies now need to determine what to do with the massive amounts of data and how to utilize these data they have in their hands. To solve these problems is where data science comes into the picture. Data science requires lots of skills like business domain knowledge, computer science, statistics, and mathematics to help the company with the data issues it is having. Data science helps a company in reducing costs, measure the effectiveness of a campaign launched by a company, get into a new market, and so many other things. This is why data science was ranked amongst the top career paths for any individual in recent times. If you have an interest in data science, it is advisable to keep pushing as you might have a fulfilling life at the end of the day. Quick learn has the right course to get certified in to become an expert in the data science line and become a professional data scientist. 

What are the must-have skills for becoming a data scientist?

To become a Data Scientist there are several things you need to have in your books of technical skills book but here are a few must-have skills you must have at your fingertips;


It is essential to learn the basics of data science before you can become a Data Scientist. Training can be earned either through formal means like going through the four corners of a school or informally learning on the job. It is vital to have a solid foundation on which the brick of data science can be built. Having knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and a host of other subjects is essential for any data scientist. 


Learning python programming language is an essential foundation on which coding with SQL is built. Python is a common programming language amongst data scientists because of its versatility. It is useful for creating a database and can easily import SQL tables into its coding. Quick learn have courses to help perfect your python coding if you feel the need it. 

SQL (structured query language):

It is essential to be proficient in the use of SQL as it is an integral part of data science. With SQL, you can easily understand relational databases, [carry out analytical functions, and transform database structures. With SQL, you can carry out operations like deleting and extracting data from different databases. Quick learn have courses to help with learning and perfecting your SQL programming skills. 


Taking a course on the introductory aspect of R to help diversify a little and not get monopolized with python. A data scientist can easily use the R programming to answer and solve any statistical program. 

Other essential skills worth noting to have to become good at data science include the Hadoop platform, Apache Spark, Machine Learning and AI, and data visualization. 

Career opportunities in data science:

Quick learn provides individuals who take a course on data science hug opportunities in the IT world to become all-rounders in the data science field. In simple terms, taking a class and getting trained by quick learn will be one of the best career options you would ever make. Quick learn offers a wide range of courses dedicated to equipping you with end-to-end knowledge about the hot cake data science skills needed to stand out in this field. Harvard business review placed data science on top of the list of the most in-demand jobs of the twenty-first century. Every company and organization requires at least a data scientist because they can never risk been starved of data. Going into the data science line, you can also become a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, amongst others. The salary package is also very mouthwatering, which would give you every incentive to become a fully established professional in the data science field of work. The average base salary collected by a data scientist in US dollars amounts to $120,931. If you are interested in forging a career in Data Science, I advise you take one of the course offered by Quick learn and become a leading candidate in the Data Science field.