Being a military spouseor part of a military family has a lot of advantages: You have an immediate and a supportive family that showers you with support, and you really know how to appreciate your spouse and family in a way that many civilians do not know , making you a proud military spouse.

However, there are also downsides to this because, it is quite difficult to make a career for yourself owing to the fact that you’ll have to change locations every few years to suit your work’s demand. And if you’re able to overcome the question of whether you want to work, it’ll now boil down to where you want to work, and how?

That being said you also have more advantages as regards to work as a military personnel. That’s the power of the internet though; you can work remotely from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet access. This type of work also comes with great benefits such as : being able to spend time with loved ones, families,being able to play or visit your favourite sport etc. This benefits however, are in proportion to the fact that Traditional businesses or companies better understand the true values which military spousesbring to businesses. There has never been a better time to be a working military spouse than now.

The below companies will help you in your quest to working from home as a military spouse:

Instant Times:

This was designed by Military Friends, and mainly for Military Spouses. Instant team, which pays its members every 1st and 15th of the month,  is a traditional company that deploys or places remote talentswhich consist of military spouses, veterans, patrons and other military members. Each position on the company is only a distant work, and you’re paid enough according to your skill level..

If you live abroad, that’s fine for you. And Another advantage that comes with working with this company is when you might be struggling to finding a suitable working time, as the company operate 24/7. Meaning you haveopen positions always.

It's easy to get started with easy few steps. First, go to and complete a profile. Add every skill you have, including what you earned as a military spouse. And these include : skills in stress management, critical thinking, project management, creativity, organization and efficiency, diversity, perspective and networking. These are certainly skills that will not go unnoticed.

Any position and skills can be hired through Instant Teams, but most will have customer experience, IT and administrative teams. Other tasks that you can complete are marketing, social media management, web developers and much more.

American Express

American Express, also known as AMEX, offers a lot to its customers such as reward points,  business management solution, and even travel accommodation. Making it a complete service.

It is a company known for its exceptional level of friendly customer service. It is exciting to imagine thata company as famous and prestigious as American Express offers several positions to people looking for a home-based job, and this include military spouse.

This company provides several remote business listings for customer service representatives and travel consultants. With them, maintaining the elasticity and reaping the rewards can be exactly what you need as a military spouse.


Aviall is a Boeing company which keeps the world afloat by deliveringParts, equipment and services for the aerospace secondary market with 40 locations worldwide, 1,500 employees and still counting. Aviall believes diversity is valuable and that inclusion makes us a better and stronger global community. We are proud to support spouses of military and veterans by offering competitive salaries and performance incentives, as well as a range of benefits, including Tricare health expense reimbursement accounts, parental leave, paid every 12 weeks, adoption support and opportunities for sustainable career advancement. Experienced spouses are invited to join our Veterans Resource Group who, in addition to supporting the communities in which they live, also provides support, recognition and development to experienced staff and their families.

Accutran Global (AG):

Accutran Global (AG) is a transcription company that has its base in British Columbia. It offers work-at-home jobs in the transcription industry, which encompasses corporate and financial services, medical and legal services.

As a military Spouse that has interest in writing and transcribing, this could serve as a remote job for you aswriting can be either a full-time or secondary work. You will be tasked with such work as recording, editing, compiling and written documents.

That being said, This transcription company deals on contractualterms. Also, they hire US citizens stayingabroad.


Modsquad, which begin its operation since 2007,  is an organization that constantly engages employees at home – work from home staff - to fill a variety of positions. The company also has offices in the US, Europe and in the Philippines.

The interesting thing about it, is that the company tries to offer opportunities to all its members, including military spouse who’s got the extra skill set to function. This also means that even if you do not get an opportunity at the beginning as a work at home staff, the company will keep your applications and contact you as soon as a new opportunity arises.

The company has a wide customer base which includes major brands such as NFL, Warner Bros and Showtime.

Although you make money from this company as a freelancer, you can equally get direct client for your self and make even more money.

Being a military spouse doesn’t stop you from advancing your career part. That’s the reason for this listing as this companies above, will help you get off on a good start to working from home. And again, you already have the required skill set of most of these companies as a military spouse. All you need do is to identify the one or ones that’ll best help you utilize these skill sets.