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  1. How to Start Web Development And Design

    How to Start Web Development And Design

    We all use the web daily. We enjoy the interface, the design, and speed that comes with every webpage, but not everyone knows how to design and develop a website. The number of people interested to know how web development works and acquire the skills for web design keeps going up. This has led to the high enrollment in web developer Bootcamp where you can quickly learn the necessary skills needed to become a web designer/developer.
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  2. Difference Between Web Developer & Web Designer

    Difference Between Web Developer & Web Designer

    If you have the passion of working on building websites for people, then you must have come across these words “web developer and Web designer” and also tried to figure out the difference and similarities between them. Picking between a web developer and a web designer has been a trendy debate that has been ongoing for many years now, even among top IT personnel. Some believe the two careers are the same thing while others have debunked such, claiming that web developers and web designers are two entirely different professions.
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  3. 9 best programming languages

    9 best programming languages

    For newbies in the field of software development and Information Technology, deciding the best programming languages to learn is usually the hardest decision. They are over 700+ programming languages currently in use; each has its own patterns and complexities that can be easily understood via web developer coding Bootcamp. The good news is that as you begin to understand the concept of programming better, you will determine the most suitable programming language for career goals. It is important to know that one programming language can not be used on all programming projects; that is why various languages are best suited for a particular purpose. We have made an unbiased list of the best and on-demand programming languages that can be used in-game, web, software development, and much more.
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  4. Best Online Bootcamps That Have The Highest Job Placement Rate

    Best Online Bootcamps That Have The Highest Job Placement Rate

    Bootcamps are the new way to learn practical coding, and with the need for developers skyrocketing at light speed, the business of boot camping is equally booming all over the world. Take, for one. They do not require any pre-coding expertise or certification to enroll. They also offer a pathway to a career in information technology without asking much but for your dedication to your craft. Most people who opt for a Bootcamp wants a job after graduation and since that can often be the underlying motivation towards enrolment in a Bootcamp, the certainty of job placement has to be known. This is because boot camps take a lot of money and time and dedication that could spiral into thousands of learning hours, and denial from other things of life. And consider it if you were leaving your full-time job to enroll in a Bootcamp so you can pursue a career in tech, you need some assurance that after you gained expertise, you'll also gain employment. Without that, it's nearly not worth it to sacrifice so much for nothing in the end. Bootcamp organizers know this, and that is why some of them lias with tech organizations to provide alumni job placements after graduation. While a few are true to early promises, a lot more are not. And that is why you need thorough research work to know which Bootcamp will guarantee you a job after learning and which will not. But you need not worry; our expert team has some underground check about the boot camps around to know the ones that can land you a job after you're done learning. Here are a few boot camps you can opt into for job placement post-graduation.
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  5. 10 FullStack Web Developer Portfolio to Inspire You

    10 FullStack Web Developer Portfolio to Inspire You

    So you've freshly graduated from a full-stack web development online Bootcamp, or you're a self-thought budding programmer who's looking for a new gig to earn from? Whatever your journey has been as a developer, a portfolio is what best represents your quality of skillset and experience. Is building a portfolio relatively easy? Definitely not. For one, the idea of what project to concentrate or include to impress clients can be elusive. The second barrier could be with how to create the portfolio from scratch, what details to include, and what to avoid.
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