There’s hardly a week that goes by without an issue of a company losing its data or been hacked. The situation necessitated the field of cybersecurity, and the sector is growing rapidly. An estimated 3.5 million jobs will be unfulfilled in the industry by 2021, and a cybersecurity sales representative is one of the fields to experience this expansion.

If you are interested in cybersecurity and wish to obtain the best cybersecurity certifications, then becoming a sales rep will be an ideal point of entry. It’s an excellent career path for anyone passionate about connecting with people and closing deals.

What a Cybersecurity Sales Rep Does

A cybersecurity sales representative is tasked with a marketing security program that can protect businesses and consumers.

The role falls into the technology sector and requires a good knowledge of the cybersecurity industry. As a sales rep, you need to be able to use basic cyber-security terms and show expertise, even if you won’t be responsible for preventing attacks. You should be able to explain to customers what a security program does and how it can be beneficial to them.

Your ability to correctly respond to inquiries from prospects will make it easier to connect with them and convince them to make a purchase.

Sales Rep Job Requirements

To get into this field, you need to have a technologically oriented resume, showcasing your knowledge and certifications in the sector. Companies typically want you to show your understanding of the cybersecurity industry and how you can convince clients to invest in a product.

If you want to work in this rapidly growing field, then there are some skills you should have.

Interpersonal skills: Just like every sales job, you need to be able to connect and persuade a client to make purchases. Having excellent interpersonal skills will make it easy to make customers off prospects.

Team player: While there are several roles where a one-person approach is appropriate, a sales rep role isn’t one of them. The number of stakeholders involved in cybersecurity and technology, in general, makes being a team player an essential requirement.

Excellent communication: A technology sales rep’s ability to communicate effectively with customers is a significant consideration. As mentioned earlier, you will need to connect with the prospect online, through phone or face to face, and convince them to give the product you are marketing a trial.

Problem-solving approach: A salesperson must be able to offer a consultative approach to their marketing. You will need to show you understand the customers’ problem and pinpoint how the solution you are offering can meet their needs. When you take the time to listen to your customers’ wants, you will be able to build trust and make a more compelling offer.

Other requirements include a passion for technology, high organizational skills, strong sales acumen, goal-oriented, attention to detail, ability to multi-task, and knowledge of report writing techniques.

The whole process may be challenging, but it will, however, be worth your time considering the massive pay involved. Find out the best cybersecurity certifications you need to stand out.

best cyber security certifications

Cybersecurity Sales Rep Salary

The increase in demand for sales representatives has also driven up the pay scale. In 2017 sales reps had an annual salary average of $100,000 in the US. Sales professionals with years of experience are more in demand and had an average of $135,000 annually.

In 2018, the take-home range, according to ZipRecruiter, was within $68,000 to $121,000. The salary range is, however, higher in places like New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

The publication showed Cybersecurity giants Cisco has a $78,000 annual base salary. BAE Systems offer $60,000 for entry positions, while top managers earn as much as $141,000.

A significant point for cybersecurity sales roles is that you don’t need to apply giant companies to earn more. There are numerous smaller IT firms seeking sales reps and pays the same range for the job.

The role typically comes with other compensation like bonuses, commissions, and full benefits in healthcare, dental, and transportation.

Responsibilities of Cybersecurity Sales Representative

While the responsibility of the cybersecurity sales reps varies from one organization to another, the most commonly outlined duties for this role on Glassdoor include the following.

  • Developing leads and expanding the company’s customer base.
  • Generating measurable sales lead against daily, monthly, and annual targets.
  • Conducting cold calling and email follow-ups
  • Employing out of the box approach to achieve goals.
  • Leveraging social platforms like LinkedIn, as well as emails Facebook to identify and build leads.
  • Report all prospecting activities in a clear and timely manner.
  • Report and address any issue or barrier relating to job performance to the supervisor.
  • Tracking all sales activities
  • Achieving monthly assigned quotas 
  • Assessing strategies and identify what’s working and methods that are ineffective.
  • Analyzing sales upturn and create newer and more effective strategies.
  • Work closely with partners and sales teams.
  • Knowledge of CRM software or Salesforce
best cyber security certifications

Cybersecurity Sales Rep Career Path

A career in cybersecurity starts with obtaining the necessary skill to help you understand the industry. You need to go for the best cybersecurity certifications to increase your chances.

There is also a massive room for growth into higher positions after becoming a sales representative. You can work yourself up into a hiring manager information manager, analyst role, or regional manager position. As a hiring manager, you will be in charge of the recruitment and talent hunt activities of the company.

Conclusively, the field of cybersecurity offers several opportunities, and being a cybersecurity sales rep is one of them. The sales rep role is where the boom and demand for talent is. If you are personable, have good sales instincts, and love connecting with people and selling kinds of stuff, then you will be a perfect fit.


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