In 2014, a job search for ‘data scientist’ on any popular website would yield only about a thousand results. Today that number has grown to almost 26,000. This is no surprise given the pace at which organizations are realizing the important of big data and the difference it can make in decision making. Data scientists are professionals who collect, analyze and interpret complex data to help businesses make all kinds of plans and strategies. This job has become imperative to every industry and organization on the planet. In this article, we will break down how investing in a data science career today can help you witness a salary raise of 50% or more in your next position.

Which data science jobs pay the highest

Data science is a field where the average salaries according to Glassdoor are $113,436. The highest paying positions can be upwards to about $220,000. It depends on several factors and we will get into these later. Right now, some of the best paying data science jobs include Big Data Engineers who are responsible for converting complex data into meaningful insights, Data Architects who design and maintain data with a focus on always keeping it relevant, Data Warehouse Manager etc. There is a list of other positions which could go on forever but this does paint a clear picture.

The factors that make a difference

There are several elements which can make a big difference to data scientist’s salaries. First among these are the tools which you use and the ones that you are good at. Apache Spark and Scala are the two leading languages which have been seen to add as much as $15,000 to the salaries of professionals. D3 is also a substantial addition to the list. Second is the industry. Social media, connectivity, hardware and finance are some of the highest paying industries if you are a web developer. The location also makes an impact because jobs can vary considerably between states.

How to guarantee high salary increase in data science

It’s all well and good but every organization, no matter which industry they belong to, is looking for a specific skill set. These can not be obtained almost anywhere. Only a handful of institutes impart the level of experience and soft skills which businesses are in search of today. Bootcamps are quite effective at plugging the experience and skills gap which the industry experiences today. Many leading universities have launched their own best data science bootcamps especially in domains like data science which are experiencing exponential growth. These programs use case studies and practical learning methods to bring students up to speed with market realities and challenges.


A 100% salary increase with investment in data science is possible only when there are certain factors in the equation. These include the appropriate skills in the candidate and their ability to find a realistic fit for themselves. With these two items, data science is a frontier which can serve to become a sustainable career path.