Difference Between Web Developer & Web Designer

If you have the passion of working on building websites for people, then you must have come across these words “web developer and Web designer” and also tried to figure out the difference and similarities between them. Picking between a web developer and a web designer has been a trendy debate that has been ongoing for many years now, even among top IT personnel. Some believe the two careers are the same thing while others have debunked such, claiming that web developers and web designers are two entirely different professions. One thing is very certain, both a web developer and a web designer were trained through the web developer Bootcamp.


The job of a web designer is very important. It involves creating the idea and designing the blueprint for a new website. While doing these, a web designer puts the appearance of the website, the user interface, and the functionality of the website into consideration.

Web designers always put the following factors into consideration while drawing the blueprint for a website:

The Target Audience: The type of audience that the website would be targeting will determine the appearance of the website. For example, the website that a designer puts together for doctors would be entirely different from the one set up for a travel agency.

Current Design Trends: As technology advances daily, so does the trends for web design. It is important to keep to date with the latest designs that would make the website look more advanced than those designed 5 years ago.

Elements to Meet Website Purpose: A website with different design features and functionalities can spark several reactions from its users. While including the necessary elements and functionalities that would be used to seamlessly on the website, the designer puts into consideration the purpose of the website. Adding a download button on a streaming-only website is completely out of place.

Working with a web designer is the first step to building a website. Aside creating the idea and designing the blueprint for the website, a web designer can also use his expertise in graphics design to create elements, logos, and images to be used on the website.


In simple terms, a web developer is a person who uses the elements, design concepts created by a web designer, and transforms them into a well-functioning interactive website. Web developers need to have skills in coding, platforms such as Wix or WordPress helps developers with limited coding knowledge. But if you want to be a professional web developer who can independently develop on any platform, you should sign up for the web developer bootcamp.

A web developer is split into three categories due to their slightly different roles; they are:

Front-end Developers: Front-end developers are very similar to web designers. Front-end developers are the main reason why many argue that web designers and web developers are not different. The major difference between them is their ability of a front-end developer to code fluently.

They use programming languages such as CSS, HTML, C+, and JavaScript to transform a normal web design into a fully functional and interactive website. They take the idea and design blueprint of the web designer, write the codes that would make them function, and integrate them into a website.

Back-end Developers:They are developers with an in-depth understanding of several programming languages and how to use them to create server-side elements for websites. They work on more complex functions like creating web apps, creating and maintaining databases, build e-commerce functions, and membership portals on websites.

Some essential programming languages that back-end developers need to learn include PHP, Ruby, Java. JavaScript can also come in handy; learning SQL will give you the necessary skills in managing and working with databases. These skills and programming languages can be easily learnt when you register for the web developer bootcamp.

Full-Stack Developers:A full-stack developer is an individual who has complete working experience of both front and back-end web development. They understand several programming languages and concepts, and they can independently build a website.

A full-stack developer normally has the following job roles:

  • Manager/head supervisor of a team of developers set up to work on a large project.
  • Independently create a full functioning website without needing the assistance of a web designer or other developers.


Like everything else, being a web designer has its advantages and also has its disadvantages. The paycheque of web designers is not as high as web developers, their creativity skill is limited, and they usually find it difficult satisfying complex clients.

Web Designer Pros:

  • They have the full freedom to be creative because they have the responsibility of creating the blueprint and proposing the general idea of the website.
  • Complex coding skills are not required. Signing up for the web developer bootcamp would give you all the essential skills for professional web designing.
  • You are able to work from home or any other location that you find convenient. Web developers don’t need to wake up early to prepare for work, catch the train or bus ride to work, as their work station can be in their room.

Web Designer Cons:

  • Web designers have a low salary structure when compared to web developers. Web developers earn between $60,000 - $80,000 annually but improving your skills trough the web developer bootcamp can increase your annual paycheque.
  • Most web developers, especially freelancers, work long hours to complete a project, especially if they are starters.
  • Web developers can easily get bored with repeating the same type of projects.


Being a web developer has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although your paycheque is better than a web designer, your creative freedom might be limited to the blueprints of the web designer.

Web Developer Pros:

  • Due to the high demand for web developers, finding a job would not be hard.
  • Web development is exciting; you always have to tackle the new tasks set up by the web designer.
  • Due to the complexity of their work, a web developer earns better than a web designer. Of all the three web development roles, full-stack web developers earn the best salary while front-end earns the lowest. It is advisable to register for the web developer bootcamp to properly train you as a full-stack web developer and improve your salary.

Web Developer Cons: 

  • The creative freedom of a web developer is limited to the design and specifications of a web designer. You will only work on the design concept that is given to you.
  • Web developers can easily get bored, especially if they work in a large team with other web developers. Freelance web developers hardly get bored.
  • Projects are not always consistent; the pattern of your schedule can’t be determined. You might be bogged with several projects this month, and next month you won’t have a single task.

Note: Although a web designer and web developer are two different careers, they can still be handled by one person who has the right orientation from the web developer bootcamp. An individual with proper training can design and develop a website independently.