Cyberspaces have expanded to encompass the world. That is not the troubling part. It is that we let them grow defenseless. Today cybercriminals are having the time of their lives while companies frantically try to put up appropriate defense systems. This is one of the reasons why cybersecurity has become one of the fields where unemployment rates have dropped to zero percent. There are professionals out there who might be without a job but that is because of a few reasons like unrealistic salary expectations or the time taken to switch between jobs etc.

How much do Cybersecurity professionals take home each year?

Cybersecurity roles are extensive. Jobs are being offered under several different titles. Each position comes with its own salary bracket. In general, cybersecurity professionals can bag anywhere between $90,000 to more than $220,000 a year. The managerial level positions pay healthy amounts and the salaries grow with experience and skills. The more value a professional can bring to a company, the higher they expect to earn. The role you’re in makes a lot of difference. For instance, penetration testers make only about $55,000 a year but more experienced cybersecurity engineers make almost $140,000.

The skills which are in demand

Cybersecurity professionals may be in high demand but surveys still reveal that by 2021, there will be almost 3.5 million job unfilled. There are several reasons behind this but the biggest is seen to be a skill gap. Companies are unable to find the adequate expertise which they require in individuals. A cybersecurity professional is only able to witness substantial salary growth if they are proficient in the skills needed by the industry. Some of the things which an individual has to be good at include security analysis, programming, risk analysis and mitigation, malware detection and reversing, cloud security and intrusion detection etc.

Benefits of investing in bootcamps

Bootcamps are programs designed to cater to the growing need for experienced cybersecurity professionals. It is not only a time effective solution but one that checks all the right boxes. The teachers are experienced mentors with on-field experience. The courses are hand-picked in a way that they impart all the essential learning elements which are required by companies in the wake of the threats they face today. A bootcamp has the objective of closing the skills gap which the cybersecurity job market is experiencing these days. Bootcamps are affordable with several financing options, short and precise. They are the best bets for professionals looking to build a career in cybersecurity or just to learn it for financial benefits.


An investment in a cybersecurity career is the money a person puts down for certificate courses or cybersecurity bootcamps etc. Given the growth of the field, it is possible for professionals who have the made the right choices and learned the adequate skills to switch jobs where they make significantly more than what they were earning previously. With cybersecurity roles only expected to grow in the future, this trend will hold for a long time.