If you belong to the recent century and are even remotely connected to the IT field, you must have heard about cloud computing.

Now I am sure that the term is not alien to you, and you are familiar with it to an understandable extent. If yes, then you would know that cloud engineers are the most sought after in the field of technology after software engineers. There are hundreds of people who opt for this career, but they have no idea how to start learning for it, or how to switch from their current position.

However, if there are numerous fishes in the sea, then it might get challenging to make your mark. That is why one must make a strategic plan and then move forward with it to excel.

There are multiple degrees and certifications, which will help you curate a successful career as a cloud engineer, or in any related field such as cloud security engineers and many others.

In this article, we will tell you how cloud certification can help you establish a strong presence in the vast field of cloud computing!

Here are the top five benefits of getting a cloud computing certification before you start applying for jobs!

Top 5 Benefits Of Cloud Computing Certification

Cloud computing is here to stay, so we might as well leverage it to its full potential. Getting a cloud computing certification will help you do exactly that. So here are the top 5 reasons to enroll yourself in one of them:

Cloud Computing Is An In-Demand Skill

When interviewing for a Cloud Computing position, employers are looking for professionals who are familiar with cloud computing. One way to prove skills is professional experience, however experience is limited to what you learned on the job, instead of the potential of what Cloud Computing has to offer. By enrolling yourself in certification, you are ensuring that you are fit for the job that you want to apply for. With the training, you are moving one step closer to your dream job, as you will be accustomed to the latest market trends and practices.

People who can work with and implement a cloud environment into the infrastructure, along with the relevant certifications have higher chances of getting the position they interview for.

According to Indeed, there are more than 18,000 job openings for cloud computing positions in the US alone, but still, most of them remain open. Do you know why? This is because it is hard to find people who are skilled enough & have the required credentials to fill these positions.

Enhances Your Individual Earning Potential

Getting a certification means that you are elevating your job status. According to a report by Simplyhired, a cloud administrator earns much less than a cloud developer who earns $118,758.

Cloud architects earn even more that is $124,406, and some even make up to $173,719. Cloud computing training will be an excellent way to earn much more by just acquiring a skillset. Industry cloud computing certifications will increase your chances to get a much better paying job.

Get A Job With A High Level Of Job Security

Even Silicon Valley was not able to save itself from the great recession. Many successful software engineers had a hard time finding a job, one which paid the bills and was according to their skillset.

However, if you get a cloud computing certification, you can save yourself from the risk of recession and establish job security. The IT industry will only grow in the coming few years, and more and more professionals will be able to acquire jobs in the ever-growing market.

As we said, names as big as Microsoft are having a hard time find employees who can fulfill the positions. So it is a no brainer that anyone who pursues cloud computing will have a competitive edge over others.

Proves Your Expertise And Credibility In The Job Market

Certifications are an excellent way to show your knowledge and skills in the industry. Microsoft reports that certifications, training courses, and experience are the top three components that they consider while hiring for an open cloud position.

A certification under your belt demonstrates that you have theoritcal knowledge & skills,  which can help organizations reduce risks and optimize costs for various projects, using a cloud platform. Certiticates show that you can be a valuable asset to the organization by being able to handle complex deployments, and all related issues.

If you are about the area you want to specialize in, you can opt for a vendor-specific certification, such as AWS or Azure. If you are starting out your career, then you should start with a vendor neutral certificate like CompTIA Cloud+.

Higher Chances Of Success In An Interview

The job interview is the most stressful part of any job-hunting situation. You get nervous, you start forgetting things that you already know, and your legs are shaking.  At times like these, good preparation, a well made resume, and having the right industry specific certifications really helps one stand apart from the other candidates interviewing.

 Employers will be able to measure your skillset better, as you will have a certification listed on your resume. They will be able to analyze your knowledge, expertise, and skills.


Cloud certifications will also grow exponentially in the next few years. Pursuing cloud computing will be an incredible decision, as it will be fruitful for you in the present and the future both!

No matter if you are a newbie or are looking to grow your skill set further, cloud computing certifications will help you acquire the most in-trend skills, and contribute to the organization.