Cybersecurity consultants are one of the most in demand professions in the world of cybersecurity. Whether you’re a university graduate or have completed a cybersecurity certification online, becoming a security consultant is the right choice for you. Cybersecurity consultant are not just the in fashion today but will dominate the market in the future as well.

In this guide we wil explain you start your journey towards a cybersecurity career by enrolling in a cybersecurity certification online, it is my hope that when you finish reading this piece, you will walk away with valuable insights that will help you make a better career decision.

What is a Cybersecurity Consultant?

In this age many organizations have an individual or an entire team to meet ends with it comes to their online security needs. In fact cybersecurity consultants are amongst the highest paid within the organizational roster worldwide, when budgeting companies tend to keep a big share for cybersecurity needs, this is done considering the severity of the domain.

Biggest perk of being a cybersecurity consultant is that you get to set the terms, many cybersecurity consultant work with multiple companies at the same time assisting the information security team in making decisions and help in implementing them. With the current market trend cybersecurity consultant are in such high demand, they basically dictate the terms on how much work needs to be. It’s the closest you’ll get to being your own boss without actually owning a business.

Cybersecurity Consultant skills

A cybersecurity consultant is considered a jack of all trades when it comes to information security. From beginner to expert level cybersecurity consultant are primarily responsible for identifying current and potential threats to the system and suggest appropriate measures to resolve or avoid them. Some of the basic skills a cybersecurity consultant must have are listed and explained below.

Before you start, don’t get overwhelmed by the list there are a lot cybersecurity certifications online that can help you learn all of the skills mentioned and get you up to speed.

  • Penetration testing

Penetration basically requires you test the system as both defender and attacker, considering your client’s network protocol and server configuration the testing methods may change. Only by testing the system vulnerabilities you can plan measures you reduce them.

  • Encryption technologies

Encryption is one the simplest yet most effective defense from potential threats and attacks for any system. As a cybersecurity consultant you must have a strong knowledge and command over various encryption techniques including popular practices. You must also have a realization of how encryption will affect the company’s overall network structure and training staff accordingly.

  • Threat Management

Advanced Persistent Threats are multi staged threats that happen through multiple channels and over an indefinite period of time. As a cybersecurity consultant you must have an understanding of all potential risks and suggest measures to safeguard them effectively.

  • Ethical Hacking    


One of the most important skill that a cybersecurity consultant must have is a strong grasp on Ethical Hacking practices. When you have the ability to put yourself in the hackers shoe’s you can understand his targets spot and his techniques. Ethical Hacking is important in this age, with these increasing cyber-attacks professionals must aware of the hacking techniques as well.

  • Security Analytics

It is important for Cybersecurity consultants to have strong analytical skills. As a consultant you may be presented lengthy reports containing attacks or how many times the system has been compromised to attacks. As a cybersecurity consultant you must have strong skills to extrapolate valuable information from data present to get a clearer picture of the system’s vulnerabilities you can come up with counter measures accordingly.

The list could go on and on but the above mentioned skills are absolutely imperative for a cybersecurity consultant to have. Like I mentioned before don’t overwhelmed if you don’t possess some or even all of the skills mentioned above. Our cybersecurity certification online has an advanced curriculum designed to get newbies up to speed about cybersecurity skills and trends in a short period of time.

Cybersecurity Consultant responsibilities

The primary responsibility of any cybersecurity professional is to safeguard the company’s digital mainframe from potential threats and attacks. But there are a lot strategic and implementation level responsibility that comes along with it as well. A brief breakdown of a cybersecurity consultant’s responsibilities may include the following:

  1. Analyze the system architecture and propose the most efficient technique to protect it from outside hacks. These platforms can be data servers, software and applications.
  2. To implement penetration testing techniques and making sure all security checks are in place and running effectively.
  3. To frequently perform an audit on the current security framework and verify if validation and authentication protocols are running smoothly or not.
  4. To bring the entire IT team on one page and help implement safety protocols.
  5. To estimate various project expenditures and suggest optimum tools and software that are to be purchased.
  6. Perform a technical audit on IT team’s security report and make corrections if there are any.
  7. To provide expert opinion on security matters and assist IT teams in implementing new or updating existing security protocols.

Cybersecurity Consultant job roles and salaries

The following are in the in demand cybersecurity consultant job roles along with their average salaries in the U.S.

  1. Cybersecurity Consultant - $85,400
  2. Senior Cybersecurity Consultant - $150,000
  3. Security Analyst - $81,100
  4. Penetration Tester – $84,000
  5. Ethical Hacker - $100,000

Start your Cybersecurity Consultant journey now!

By now you must have a solid idea of what a Cybersecurity consultant is all about, from the required skills you must have to get started to job roles and their potential salaries, we’ve covered it all. Now all there’s left is to get started! Don’t know how? Well don’t worry we have got you covered on that front as well. Check out our comprehensive cybersecurity training online and start your highly rewarding career as a Cybersecurity Consultant in just months.