In a tight economy where education and professional training are becoming more and more important, good quality education and training are not usually affordable. With this problem on the rise, technical bootcamps – especially those focused on IT - came to the rescue of students and starting out professionals who are passionate about their development in the many branches of IT. While there are countless benefits of joining an IT bootcamp, significantly reduced costs are motivating increasing numbers of people to sign up for these courses.

How to Find The Right IT Bootcamp

You are already doing what you need to. You are doing your research, trying to figure out what to look for. This is the right start.

Like a course you would consider in a university, choosing the right IT training bootcamp should be about its quality, fees, benefits, and accreditations. The most important thing is whether or not that bootcamp has the potential to land you a decent job in your field once it’s over.

But wait. That’s a leap. Let’s talk about this in some detail, so you don’t miss anything important.

The Offline vs Online Bootcamp Comparison

A question people keep asking us is about whether an offline training boot camp is better than an online IT training bootcamp. These people argue the quality of training you receive with a mentor face-to-face beats anything an online course could offer.

However, the right answer to this question is not complicated at all. Online boot camps beat offline training by any measure. The argument about the superior quality of in-person training is obsolete in the age of dynamic communication tools that enable real-time conferencing and interactions.

  • Study at your convenience with online bootcamps
  • Require fewer resources so cost you less 
  • Get training from industry top experts
  • Comprehesive support and tools for exercises, training, and projects

Features to Look for in your IT Bootcamp

Now that we got offline vs online bootcamp debate out of the way, let’s focus on the factors you should look for in your next IT training bootcamp. In recent years, online IT bootcamps have exponentially grown in number. Universities are looking for digital partners to transform their offline IT courses into online bootcamps with all the robust features only online education can offer.

There is a long list of features that we want you to consider for your next IT bootcamp, but the following three are a must. Make sure your boot camp offers these features (at least!!)

Proper Certification

Never go for a study program that does not promise a certificate. Your certificate is a recognition of your hard work and participation in every important component of the course. Without it, you have no proof of training to show your prospective employers.

Qualified Mentors

Another feature you cannot compromise on is mentors with impressive credentials. Make sure the training bootcamp you pick comes with mentors who have a proven track record in their field.

Job Placement Assistance

Every decent technical boot camp offers job placement assistance. This is a key feature that shows you how invested the organizers may be in your success. It also shows they are confident in the quality of content their programs have.

Features offered by best-in-line bootcamps

On top of the three mandatory features, you should look for in your IT boot camp, there are many more features that only the best in business boot camps can afford to offer. We made you a list of these features below and used an example of a highly trusted IT boot camps provider to bring our point home.

University Accreditation

All good boot camps come with university accreditation. With a recognized university backing a boot camp, you can rest assured the curriculum will be of good quality and prepared by qualified educators, like all the IT boot camps offered by Texas A&M University, including the Texas A&M Web Development and Cybersecurity Bootcamps. These qualifications come with one of the highest ranking universities in the US.

Career & Training Counseling

Good mentors and institutes invest in guiding their students to the right choices.

This is also true for technical boot camps. When you enroll in a Texas A&M IT bootcamp, you are going to receive professional counseling related to your career and training. Such expert advice can help you determine your future with much more clarity than you could muster yourself.

Upward Mobility

Upward mobility across social and professional levels is another important consequence of finishing a training boot camp from a reliable institution. Due to the trust and brand value, Texas A&M University’s name inspires, the boot camps it offers result in good job placements and interviews with higher prospects.

Real-World Projects

Since great bootcamps are committed to delivering high-quality training, they tend to include components that truly help students in starting their professional careers. Texas A&M IT bootcamps are offered in various prominent IT fields, including web development and cybersecurity. These programs include mandatory real-world projects that not only give students a firsthand experience of how their training may be used at a job but also gives them a portfolio to send with their job applications.

Scholarships & Flexible Payment

Affluent institutes have been offering scholarships to deserving students for ages. This is another sign to tell you the institute you’re studying in actually cares. Apart from its numerous scholarships for on-campus programs, Texas A&M offers the same for its boot camp participants. You can submit your application for a scholarship on your desired boot camp’s dedicated page.

- Apply for Cybersecurity Bootcamp Scholarship

- Apply for Web Development Bootcamp Scholarship

Similarly, to assist students who do not win a scholarship and don’t want to pay their entire course fee in one go, Texas A&M offers flexible fee payment structures.

Always go for an IT bootcamp that offers most of these features, if not all. With Texas A&M University – Kingsville, however, you get all of these features and facilities and more.

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