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Bootcamps are designed to get potential candidates up to speed on the most relevant web development skills in the shortest period time. Considering the dynamics in this field, individuals are actively looking for opportunities where they can switch or upgrade their careers by spending only a fraction of the time they would on a normal degree. This means that a bootcamp has big shoes to fill. So, how to tell if the program is good at doing what its supposed to? Well, we’ve put together a list of six things which, if present in a bootcamp, should make your choice easier.

1.    Understand your field of specialization

Before you begin your search for the best bootcamp, it is important to know the field of specialization you want to pursue. This provides a solid foundation and allows you to determine the skills to look for in a web development bootcamp. Web developers are responsible for a lot of functions these days. Back-end, front-end, full-stack, mobile applications development etc. are just some of the few things which web developers work on today. The first step to choosing the most appropriate web development bootcamp is to know what you are looking to learn. This will depend of the field of expertise you want to pursue.

2.    Check if all the necessary skills are provided

Once you have picked the field you want to go after, the actual analysis of the bootcamp can begin. Now you know what skills will be needed for that field. It is easy to find out the respective courses and training which you need to receive in order to become proficient in a certain field. For instance, a front-end developer must learn HTML and CSS, they need to understand web designing. A back-end developer on the other hand must have knowledge of at least one programming language like Python or Java. There are some other skills which must be taken into consideration too. Align the field you chose, and the skills being provided by bootcamps to know whether it is good or not.

3.    Recognition and certification are crucial

Once the bootcamp clears the first phase, the secondary scrutiny begins. If you’ve found the web development program which offers all the skills you are looking for, check if they are recognized by a reputable institution. This provides credibility to the learning and experience they provide. Also, it is important that the bootcamp provides a duly attested certificate which can be submitted as proof of course completion to organizations. It might be true that the real talent lies in the person, but a certificate goes a long way in crossing the first barrier and getting a call for an interview.

4.    See if they have flexible schedules

This one is most important for those individuals who are already working somewhere. Bootcamps are usually online which means that the classes can be taken at will. For someone who wants to learn a new skill without compromising their current position, this is an ideal option. Make sure that the bootcamp has classes structured in a way that they don’t interfere with your work routine or else the whole thing is hectic and pointless.

5.    Scholarships and payment options

Most bootcamps today are initiated by renown universities. This means that the privileges and facilities which are available to students in normal programs are also extended to those in bootcamps. Therefore, a good bootcamp offers scholarships for deserving students on merit. There are also several payment options which allow students to clear their dues without having to stress out about it. There are many financing options where people can break the whole fee into instalments and pay small chunks at their own pace each month. This makes the program more accessible to everyone without leaving out a deserving candidate just because they don’t have the financial resources.

6.    Mentorship and job placement assistance

Another hallmark of a good bootcamp is that it provides assistance throughout course of study to its students. Not only this but it also helps them before and after they have left the program. There is on-boarding counselling where professional instructors answer all questions about the course. During the course there are mentoring sessions almost every week. Finally, when the process is completed, the assistance doesn’t stop. The best bootcamp is one which leads you to the doors of a potential employer giving you the chance to join the practical world and begin implementing your skills.

Bootcamps are quite effective in quick training of individuals. The offer up-to-date experiences and learning using some of the most qualified teachers. However, the only catch is finding the bootcamp which can deliver what they promise. This is not very difficult if a person knows about the things to look for.