How To Decide Which Data Analytics Bootcamp Is Right For You

Data affects every aspect of our day-to-day activities in this modern era. Each data point sourced and collected provides today’s businesses with an opportunity to analyze better, access, and understand customers’ behaviors to achieve their set organizational mandates.

However, simply sourcing for this data is not enough. To effectively utilize these data, business organizations need the services of analysts who can thoroughly sort out the data, intelligently interprets and critically analyze them to chat an actionable path, and create a profit-driven marketing strategy.

With this picture in mind, it will interest you to learn more about which online data analytics boot camp will serve you just right. Well, in case you want to ask “Does data analytics have a crucial role to play in my career, if yes, what would be the best way to learn and equip myself with the required skills to be outstanding and blossom in this data-driven world?

Well, in simple terms, enrolling in an online data analytics Bootcamp is one of several educational options that could help you begin your career in analytics. Yes, trust me.

What Exactly Is Data Analytics Bootcamp?

These online data analytics boot camps are patterned to suits the particular program and thus vary in their duration and curriculum developments.

Some data analytics Bootcamps are structured to teach students the rudiments of working with data, while others are designed to launch deep into a specific field. For example, you are teaching students the technique for data collection or specific analytical programming. For that reason, if you are looking out to enrolling in a Bootcamp, it’s paramount that you are sure that the Bootcamp offers what you need to meet your goals.

Why Enroll In A Data Analytics Bootcamps?

There are several benefits of enrolling and learning from a data analytics Bootcamp. Some of such benefits include:

  1. Positive Job Outlook

As stated earlier on, various kinds of businesses from all industrial setups now utilize data to inform their decision making and marketing strategy. All of this sourced data is void information without data analysts (trained personnel who can critically analyze, organize, and intelligently interpret it). Based on their evaluations of large sets of data, they can identify trends, develop visual presentations, and create charts to help businesses make more profit-driven strategic decisions.

According to the largest computer company in the world, IBM, data analysts are highly rated and increasingly in high demand because of their vital skill. IBM projections estimated that there would be more than 2.7 million data-related job openings by 2020.

This demand is reflected in the huge pay received by the entry-level data analyst salaries, even amongst entry-level workers. Each of the eleven most popular data-focused careers earns an average salary of about $80,000 yearly, and eight of those earn more than $100,000 on average. Personnel trained and equipped with analytical skills also receive higher pay compared to non-analysts.

The highly-rated and most coveted skills in data analytics are SQL, Excel, Python, and SQL Server. Further, managers, directors, and C-level professionals are increasingly required to understand analytics to manage teams that revolve around those skills. Enrolling in an online data analytics Bootcamp is one way to acquire the knowledge and skills to take up responsibilities in one of these areas. Foundational knowledge in data analytics also allows you to either follow a data science path or choose to be a financial analyst, supply chain manager, consultant, or chief operating officer.

  1. Relatively Low Cost and Time Commitment

Enrolling in an online data analytics Bootcamp is comparatively less expensive to other educational options; this can cost around $3,000 to $10,000 on average. Because most can be completed in a matter of weeks or months, participants can reap immediate returns on their investment.

However, it is essential to note that because of their short nature, the level of comprehensive training that degree programs provide cannot be obtained from Bootcamps — thus leaving participants with some gray areas to elaborate upon at a later date through additional boot camps or self-training. 

  1.   Ability to “Test the Waters”

Experimenting with a data analytics career before enrolling in a degree program is some kind of privilege participants have with regards to attending a Bootcamp since it is relatively cheap and less time-consuming. This is especially helpful to persons who are pondering on shifting from a non-analytic career to analytics.

Additionally, when a Bootcamp is offered from an educational institution like a university, they can often (though not always) be applied towards an eventual degree. If you plan to experiment with a Bootcamp first and then eventually harness the exposure and experience garnered to pursue a full degree, it is paramount that you exhaust the institution’s policy before you enroll.

Choosing The Right Data Science Bootcamp For Yourself?

Here are the factors to consider when choosing the right data analytics Bootcamp.

Technologies Used

There are various technologies which are used in various data analytics Bootcamps for teaching data analytics student. So it boils down to what you think will be best and very needful and useful for you. Among the various technologies used in most data analytics, Bootcamps are Python, Git, UNIX, SQL, Hadoop, Spark, etc.

Cost of Training

The cost of running a program in a data analytics Bootcampvaries depending on the specifics, but generally, it is quite affordable when it comes to an online data analytics Bootcamp. The cost of enrolling in any online data analytics Bootcamp ranges from $3495 to $16000.

Requirements for Admission

Some of the requirements needed to fit into or enrolled in any data analytics Bootcamp vary, but in common, they need a background in the field of analytics, programming, and statistics with Masters or Ph.D. for some of the technologies. 

Program Duration

Like you already know, data analytics training varies from one to the other. This, in part, also serves as the reason why various online data analytics Bootcamps design their programs within a specific time frame that will enable them to cover all the curriculum in which students have to undergo. In most cases, course duration for data analytics training lasts between 5 days to 6 months.


Data analytics is gradually taking over the IT world, and you can become the next key personnel in which many organizations and companies will need for the analysis of data gathered.

Well, to achieve this, enrolling in an online data analytics Bootcamp can be an easy way to see your dreams come true. However, you have to carry out a proper survey of their technologies, course durations as well as the financial implication to enable you to decide which data analytics Bootcamp is right for you.