What and who is a web developer? Well the answer to that question depends on purely who you ask! For some a web developer is a person who sits behind a keyboard all day putting his efforts into building interact platforms that help all of us connect better. Of course, for the majority of the people a web developer is a person who builds websites but doesn’t sound that cool right? That is why as a web developer I emphasize on the prior.

Regardless of how to choose to define it, web developers are an important part of our current digital ecosystem. Economically speaking, the internet is the biggest and fastest growing marketplace around the world. In fact internet provides more than 700 Billion USD to the US economy.

If you’re planning to step into web development, there hasn’t been a better time. This huge potential for growth has made web development one of the most lucrative career of today, tons web developer trainings are providing training individuals with web developer skills every day. In this we will get you started by providing a roadmap for you web development training so you can build your first website.

Web Developer Bootcamp:

For aspiring individuals who are just starting out and looking for a web developer training, a bootcamp is the just the right choice for you. Thanks for the growing popularity of the internet web development has picked up pace as a career option. There is huge influx of companies wanting to hire skilled web development professionals, when it comes to web developer trainings, a bootcamp offers the maximum amount of knowledge the least possible time. Most web development trainings take 6 months to complete and since the complete web development training is online you can study can your own schedule from the comfort of your home.

There is absolutely no prior knowledge required to start your web developer training. Our web developer training even has an introduction to the web where you can understand how the entire World Wide Web works and where does a web developer lie in it? Here is how our web development training will help you get started towards building your own website.

Learn the basics of web development


HTML and CSS are the two absolute fundamentals of the website framework and it is important to learn these first in our web developer training. HTML is the markup language that builds the structure of website, the browser reads HTML tags and translate them into visual elements like texts, headings, images and links. CSS also known as Cascading Style Sheets controls all the styling elements of a website such as; font size, colors, alignment and layouts. Having a good grasp on HTML and CSS is imperative for any web developer and our web developer training takes on a hands-on learning approach towards it.  


Don’t confuse JavaScript with Java! JavaScript is one of building blocks of a website which responsible for how the website reacts with the users. JavaScript is so popular and big that many people simply call the language for the web. Which makes it no surprise we teach it in our web developer training.

Our web developer training has a learning by doing JavaScript learning path, where students will learn JS by doing real life examples like developing interactive features in a webpage and even go as high as to build a basic calculator for the web.


Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework in the web development industry and in our web developer training you will hands on development experience with advanced level Bootstrap. The main idea of teaching Bootstrap in our web developer training is to train students with technologies that are trending in the job market so they have better placement opportunities.

Bootstrap is simple yet powerful CSS framework that lets you build advanced grid layout with responsive elements with great ease.


Even if you’re a newbie and just started thinking about a web developer training, chances are you are already familiar with what WordPress is. WordPress is the world biggest and most popular Content Management System that lets you build responsive websites with ease. Having content management system experience is a big plus for a web developer that is why we emphasize greatly on it in our web developer training.

Clients need easy to edit websites and that is where WordPress comes in. In our web developer training we will give a complete overview of the WordPress platform including its installation, setup and basic configuration. You will also be given a brief overview of WordPress theme and plugin development.

Develop a web project

Once you’ve already acquired the knowledge of markups, styling and JS its time to build your first web project. In our web developer training instructor will assign you a project based on your skills level, this project typically involves making a responsive landing pages utilization all basic HTML, CSS and JS techniques.

After you are done with that, we take it a step further we get hands on experience with WordPress and developer our own custom website with all modern web features attached.

Take it a step further

Once you’re done with the basic, our web developer training steps it up a little bit by getting hands on experience with JS frameworks as well. Knowing basic HTML, CSS and JS is enough to make a website but in order to compete in today’s competitive market you need to know more. This is why our web developer training focuses on the following advance level skills:


JQuery is the world’s biggest and most popular JavaScript library. JQuery lets you manipulate the browser DOM with less code. With jQuery you can even make AJAX based form and integrate web animations easily.

Node.js & APIs:

Finally in our web developer training, we learn about Node.js and API’s. Our learning path starts from exploring the basics of HTTP codes and requests to understand the backend flow of complex web applications. We also learn how to use API in web platforms, API’s are effective channels to receive data from third party websites or vendors. As the web platforms become more sophisticated and advanced learning about API’s will become essential for web developers.

We hope this guide has been helpful, it web development has peaked your interest checkout our web development bootcamp and learn the in demand skills to launch your career as a web developer.