The ITIL Foundation certification 4 is an entry level certification that shows a professional's knowledge of fundamental ITIL principles and concepts, as defined in the ITIL 4 foundation book. The foundation certification is a condition needed to be fulfilled before furthering any ITIL certification.

Other versions of the foundation book have seen the ITIL certificates issued to millions of people. To achieve success in the ITIL foundation certification exam, one must provide answer 65% correct answers to the multiple-choice questions. In order words, you will answer correctly, 26 questions out of the total of 40 questions asked. 

The duration of the exam is an hour. Candidates taking the exam in their non-native language would be given an extra time of 25 minutes. Making a total of 75 minutes for the exam. It is good to know that the ITIL foundation exam does not expire, and neither does it require continuous education to maintain it. 

Things to consider before Going for the ITIL Foundation Certification Exam

Below are the requirements of the ITIL foundation certification exam:

  • The ITIL certification exam can be taken without going through any training course, but it is strongly recommended that you go for training before the exam. 
  • For candidates who are aspiring for higher-level ITIL certification, it would be an added advantage to get formal training. This will equip you on all aspects of the ITIL foundation certification instead of just preparing you to pass the exam.
  • The cost of taking the exam differs depending on your country. It has a typical expense fee of $300, while some training organizations include the cost of taking the exam in their course fee. 
  • You can take the exam at a center. Some providers can also allow you to take the exam without going to the exam centers. You must have a Webcam before choosing this option.
  • After the online exam, the provisional result would be sent to you after you might have filled out the post-exam survey. 
  • The final scores in line with the e-certificate would be available within two business days. The hard copy of the certificate is also available for shipping upon request by candidates. 

Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) 

The ATOs provide both in-person and online resources, which will include classroom cum online training with the exam. 

Exam Question Types

The ITIL foundation examination questions are all objective test questions with four options to select one correct answer. 

ITIL Foundation Examination Tips

Since you won't be penalized for giving a wrong answer to a question. Always choose an answer to give yourself a chance when you go blank. Don't focus too much on a single question, but make sure the ones you answered correctly are up to 26.

Tips For Checking Your Answers Before Submitting Your Exam

  • Go through the answered questions to ensure that you did not fall into any trap. 
  • Count the number of questions answered. If they are more than 26, submit immediately. Though cautious people always submit their answers when they have answered more than 28 questions. 

Key to ITIL Foundation Certification Exam Success

According to statistics which was published in 2013, the pass rate of the ITIL certification exam is around 90%. Though most training providers advertise a 99% pass rate. 

Despite the high pass rate, you need to work hard to be counted in the 90-99% pass rate. Some of the traps which must be avoided in the course of the ITIL certification exam include;

 Overthinking: The key to overcoming this trap is to memorize and not analyzing the questions asked. The exam is a multiple-choice question, which tests the candidate's basic knowledge of ITIL best practices. Memorize the basic ITIL concepts and stay focused on these basic concepts and definitions. In other words, don't answer questions based on what you do in your company or through your analysis. Rather answer your questions based on the materials provided for the ITIL foundation certification.

Too many choices in an option: Some questions may offer two or more options that are right for a particular question. The answer to this type of question will involve various combinations of options given out of which only one combination would be correct. A simple version of this type of option is when potential answers to a question are given thus; 

  • A only
  • B only
  • Both
  • Neither

A total of four options or four combinations are given for these types of questions. 

Out of order in a sequence: To avoid this trap, candidates need to memorize items in their correct order. It is not always enough to know of items that are presented on a list. Rather, when presented in a particular sequence or an acronym, it is very important to know its correct order. Knowing this sequence will make for a difference between an easy question and a wild guess.

Speed reading: This trap can be avoided by reading each question carefully. Some questions are worded in a way to trip candidates who don't read the words in questions very well before answering. You shouldn't read only the first half of the question before jumping to the option. Each question comes with a keyword which will either make the answer obvious or eliminate one or two option. There are two common ways of trapping those who read speedily. This would be done by either asking for the best answer to a question or giving a definition word for word with slight changes to it. Others include a slight change to some questions with two identical answers given for the question. This can only be overcome when you read carefully to get the differences that exist between the two answers. 

Conclusively, to obtain the ITIL foundation certification, you must be able to get correctly 26 out of the 40 multiple choice questions which would be given to you for the examination. Focus on ITIL's key topics, thereby memorizing the various listed concepts and terms of ITIL, which will lead to your success.