These days, many people are into tech companies, ranging from school video streaming to grocery businesses down to the government agencies. Technology is now a driving force for any business. At the heart of this driving force is Linux, which has resulted in exceptionally high paid jobs by companies and government agencies for dedicated professionals.

With this, one need not be told that all countries and companies of the world are now rebuilding their economy around the tech sector. They seek competitive advantage by making good use of their data, trying to improve flexibility with cloud and open source technologies, among others. What is exactly clear is how much this new economy is dependent on Linux. 

The New World Of Tech Is Being Built On Linux

The dependence on Linux is evident enough to be believable in a survey conducted by Linux foundation in 2013 and 2014. It was found out that 77% of hiring managers hired professionals with the Linux administration certification in 2014, which was an increase from the 70% figure of 2013.

Not only this, the majority of Linux professionals confess that Linux has given them better, more in number career opportunities. Most of them also use Linux because of its widespread use in the current day technology infrastructure. This means that the demand for Linux is still on the rise and will continue to do so in the nearest future. 

Linux; Lots Of Demand, Not Enough Supply to Satisfy

A reality with an opportunity. Recently, most hiring managers are complaining of the shortage of professionals who have the Linux administration certification. This is because the small number of people who can work in a Linux environment have been aggressively employed.

The Past, Present, And Future Of Linux

A decade ago, the best way to earn more money was to learn Linux, and surprising or not, it is still in existence today, reflecting a booming popularity in recent times.

In 2004 when Linux was still new, it was deployed by its early users who were seeking a competitive edge in their market and other services, which are mostly financial services. 

Today, Linux has become a default program for most operating systems such as Cloud, Big Data, and Mobile. Linux is a program that is not only confined to its early adopters but a platform where most innovations happen. 

After twenty years of its existence, Linux remains a force to reckon with. Though it is not used extensively on desktops, it has a stronghold on the webserver side where it's market share is more than 50 percent. 

Many IT professionals work daily with the Linux operating system with others that may include Windows as well as UNIX OS. They work in the area of computer servers, which ranges from installation to configuration, maintenance, and security. 

IT professionals who possess the Linux administration certification always compete with other professionals. They do come out on top because of the formidable credentials as well as vendor-specific credentials which they possess. 

Nevertheless, certifications are available to those who wish to learn, master, and use the Linux operating system, including all contents associated with it in their daily activities. 

Linux Engineer Certifications

From the above, you can see that a great number of companies highly recommend the Linux certification. The certification is prevalent among administrators, DevOps engineers, and system admins, giving IT professionals the needed knowledge and recognition. 

Linux Certification Programs

Some programs which support Linux and which are offered by various Linux institutes are outlined below; 

The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE): This is a certification that is necessary to have because its a senior level certificate and can grab the attention of prospective employees. To obtain the RHCE, you must obtain its system administrators’ certification after which will follow a four-hour test. With it, you can now be able to work as a Linux administrator, IT analysts, among lots of other job titles in the tech field

Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE): Engineers having this certificate are always tasked with the duties of designing and implementing varied system architectures. Its holders can also serve as subject matter experts, thereby achieving most of their educational goals of being the next generation of system professionals. The exam is designed to simulate on the job tasks and framework which is faced by professional system administrators in their daily work. Acquiring this Linux administration certification will help them in applying their skills with a more professional and sound approach. 

 CompTIA Linux +: This Linux certification course will test the knowledge of IT professionals on the management and the important usage of Linux, which is common to all distributors of Linux. To get the Linux+ certification, you will have to clear two online tests, which are the CompTia LXO-103 and the LXO-104 courses. 

Why You Should go for Linux certification 

Currently, most hiring managers are eager to hire Linux professionals. With the emergence of the open cloud platform, the demand for Linux professionals who have the Linux administration certification is on the rise. Linux certified professionals always have the great opportunities and better job positions in the job market with lots of increments in their salaries. 

Benefits of Linux Certifications

Below are key benefits which are associated with acquiring the Linux administration certification;

  • Obtaining the Linux certification guarantees you access to official training materials which will go a long way in helping you achieve success in the exam.
  • You will also have a chance to work on real-time projects thereby gaining real-life, hands-on experience 
  • The program also helps you in gaining full knowledge of its concepts and applications
  • The candidates would also have the support and guidance from experts in industries and certified trainers all over the globe. 
  • There are also lab sessions with hands-on practice, which will give you more knowledge of the concepts in the area of its application. 


As the Linux job market keeps expanding, going for one of these Linux programs available will help you advance in your career and grow at a steady, increasing pace.