You must understand the basics when it comes to building and running a technology consulting firm if you want to succeed.

Some questions you need to ask are: what is the problem(s) I want to solve, what’s my area of expertise, and how do I intend to address the problem? As a bonus, you also want to understand the science of building a long-term relationship with clients.

If you can answer these questions right from the start, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful tech consultant.

How tech finds its way into every industry

Because we’re living in a data-driven world, almost all businesses use one form of technology or the other to collect and draw insight from data, accelerate processes, manage and protect customer information as well as measure consumer behavior.

For this reason, experts in fields such as data science, data analysts, and security systems are high in demand and well-paid in almost every sector. Although these professionals are highly sought-after, most businesses only get a handful of qualified professionals.

Area of specialization

If you’re planning to start a tech consulting firm but don’t know which area to focus on, then Cybersecurity, data science, coding, and data analytics are but a few tech careers to consider.

Though there are other tech fields, these skills are highly needed by businesses to speed up their growth and processes, reducing costs as well as maximizing tech opportunities.


Any business that collects customer information or processes a large amount of sensitive data should have robust security systems. Having a secure networking system helps prevent unwanted problems that could stem from the hackers.

When data breaches happen, they can be reputation-damaging, newsworthy and costly for the company to recover from. For this reason, businesses need qualified experts in system security.

If you have the skills and can set up a team for the job, you stand a higher chance of success because attracting the right candidate is no easy task for many businesses. 

Data Science

Big businesses aren’t dealing with a small amount of data. The rise of Big Data, which is the humongous amount of data pouring (in different formats) from various data sources, has necessitated large firms to find experts in data analysis.

Data scientists can deconstruct Big Data and provide interpretation. They can also relate insights from the data to real-world problems, so the businesses can grow and make better decisions.

For most firms, hiring can take them several months, frustrating and mounting pressure on the hiring teams. But a consultancy agency speed up the hiring process, reach out to passive candidates who aren’t actively seeking out a new job. These passive candidates may likely become a valuable employee due to their experience.

Data Analytics

The need for professional Data Analysts is not only confined to the tech industry. For the past couple of years, there’s been a massive demand for data science jobs, including data analysis in sectors like marketing, manufacturing, and education. This upsurge of demand can be linked to the enormous growth of Big Data. Furthermore, data is useless without the skill to analyze it, so businesses, organizations, and companies are always looking for ways to exploit Big Data. The best approach then is to hire professionals in the field.

The above skills aren’t the only tech realms you can consult for. There are many IT fields you can explore and can fill a massive gap. With clarity on your area of specialization, you need to know what’s expected of you.

Roles of a Consultancy Agency

Primarily, the role of a tech consultant is to help its clients drive better business growth through the effective use of technology. This is not only confined to providing advice but assisting businesses to make the most of interactive technology products, software systems, and installations, to mention a few.

The job description of a tech consultant includes but not limited to:


A recruitment consultant should have quality attributes like in-depth knowledge of the industry and key markets. This enables the consultancy agency to assist the employer in identifying, choosing, and recruiting staff for their vacancies while helping candidates gain employment at the same time.

With their professional experience, consultancy agencies can draw upon their specialist knowledge to offer a genuinely consultative service to employers and candidates.Monitoring Processes

A tech consultancy firm can also be hired to manage employees. This job description might include monitoring the performance level of employees with the internal tech systems, investigating flaws, and potential problems as well as looking areas for improvement opportunities. A consultancy agency could also be used to train employees.Getting clients and building long-lasting relationships

Though it may take many years to build a solid consultancy business, here are some ways to get clients and maintain long term business relationships.

Use different strategies

If you’re the best consulting firm out there, but without paying customers, your knowledge is just a wasted resource. Write books (if you can), manage a blog, offer to speak for free at events (when you have something to say), organize events, or look for influencers in your industry.

Always try to leverage the power of testimonials from past clients. Recommendation from people who have used your service before can assist you further grow your client base.

Likewise, you want to encourage past clients to tell others about your services. Word of mouth from clients can get new people to patronize you. This may require exceeding the expectations of your clients, and going above and beyond for your customers is a two-way thing:

They will be happy being loyal to you and bringing you more customers.

Clients’ expectations from a consultancy firm

No two clients want the same thing from a consultant. Therefore, never make assumptions about what your client’s need is. Get to know and understand each of them as an individual. Listed below are a couple of common themes most clients look for before and after hiring your firm.

  • Experience
  • Price
  • Willingness to partner
  • Reliability

Let’s hammer a little bit on reliability. Clients need to know if you are reliable and can deliver your promises. They may want to see what previous customers are saying about your services or get some level of commitment from you. To make sure you’re well reported on by your clients, always do what you promise to do when you say you’re going to do it. 

There you have it: how you can start your consultancy business. There are many opportunities in the tech industry you can latch on to. We recommend you do your homework, and you, too, can become successful just like many other tech consulting firms.