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Programming Language

  1. Things to Know About Online Coding Bootcamps

    Things to Know About Online Coding Bootcamps

    Categories: Programming Language , Learning
    The Information Technology industry is blooming and need for talented individuals to sustain this growth will increase exponentially with it. Recent research and surveys have shown that Computer Science based careers have seen a growth rate of more than 70% in the past five years and by 2022 more than 80% career paths would be Computer Science related. With this increasing flux of digitization, there is a huge need of coding experts in the today’s job market.
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  2. Angular vs React vs Vue - 2020 wars

    Angular vs React vs Vue - 2020 wars

    Categories: Programming Language , Technology Comparison
    Javascript is the most popular and fast growing programming language for the web out there. Throughout the years Javascript’s approach towards web training has paved away for many contributors to build libraries and frameworks atop of this programming language. In its inception Javascript was only limited to front-end or client side scripting which is basically responsible for all the interactive features in a web page. But now Javascript is being used for server side scripting as well in-fact many big tech companies are migrating towards Javascript frameworks for their server side rendering.
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