In today’s world technological landscapes are changing at the speed of light. Education these days is not confined to a dusty green or white board but through advance technology, we have enabled ourselves to push geographical and physical constraints aside and rotate the learning cycle digitally. That is where online bootcamp programs come in.

Online bootcamp programs have revolutionized online learning and at Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program you will be learning in demand IT skills ranging from Cybersecurity, Full Stack Web Development to Data Science that will help you kick start a lucrative career in the fast growing IT industry. Online bootcamp programs are specially curated to take you from almost zero knowledge of that domain to professional level and will get you to a point where you can easily compete in the job market. Due to the online bootcamp program skills specific approach it takes a very small fraction of time.

  1. Online classes

Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program is 100% self-paced and online which means you can study at your own pace-at your own time. Not only does this save valuable amount of money which is spent in commuting you will learn to manage your time and most importantly yourself. Online bootcamp programs also offer shy or less participating students an equal chance to learn without hesitation. Numbers prove that online classes attract a greater amount of attraction from students than that of conventional one’s, many factors contribute to this ranging from flexible timings to comfort of learning at your own terms.

  1. Live Mentor Sessions

There is an existing stereotype that surrounds online bootcamp programs in general which is that real time problems and questions cannot be addressed via an online portal which is true to some extend but at Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program we have the top industry professionals to guide and keep check of your progress. We arrange weekly mentoring sessions for our students so they can discuss issues with the mentor and the mentor then rates and plans the progress up ahead. This interactive learning eliminates gaps associate towards the learning and progression of your skillset.

  1. Virtual Labs to execute real life projects

At Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program our students are taught by executing real life projects in their respective domains which helps them develop a valuable portfolio which they can later showcase to multiple employers. Countless studies have shown that when hiring employer’s value the applicant portfolio and projects more than his/her conventional education and certifications. At Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program are moto is “learn by doing” which basically means that after each module we give our students real life projects so they execute the skills learned practically while our mentors guide them along the way. This unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge will take your learning capacity to the next level.

  1. Free exam vouchers for topper

At Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program we constantly monitoring the progress of each student and rank them accordingly. By the end of each cohort we offer an “Official exam voucher” to the topper of that cohort. Exam vouchers are your gateway to get certified in the domain of your interest. Becoming a Microsoft/Google/Cisco certified professional will make you stand out with the rest of the professional in the field. Numbers show that individuals having official certifications are more likely to get hired than others. At Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program you get a change to avail a free exam voucher which typically cost up-to $500.

  1. Career Counseling

At Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program we offer a 100% job guarantee which means we are entitled to refund your fee if you do not get a job after successful completion of your online bootcamp program. This is where our career counselors come in not only will our team help you develop and implement an effective job search plan. You will also learn how to network and connect with head hunters and hiring managers of big tech companies. Not only this our career counselor are in touch with leading tech companies who are on the constant lookout for talented individual and make sure you already have one step in that door.

  1. Flexible tuition payments

Typically online bootcamp programs require a good amount of financial investment but at Texas A&M Kingsville we offer multiple flexible payment plans that allow you to get started with your learning by paying as low as 250$ upfront. At Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program we also offer scholarships to deserving students, each application is audited by our admission committee who then decide on the approval. For more details about payment options reserve a call with our student advisor here (link for call). 

  1. Bootcamp Starter Kit (including free laptop)

At Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp program we provide our students with a specialized Bootcamp Starter Kit that includes a free laptop as well. This way our students can learn in demand skills without worrying about the technological constraints that may limit their progress in any way what so ever. Our online bootcamp program will constantly monitoring your progress using a modern and easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) which will also give you an idea about the modern technological frameworks being used and give an idea of how the interfaces of these apps work.

In conclusion Texas A&M Kingsville’s online bootcamp programs are meant to help individuals gain valuable skills that can help them kick start their new career in the fast and ever growing IT industry. There are a few key points that I want you to takeaways from this article that will help you decide the better online bootcamp choice.

  • All online bootcamp programs don’t offer mentorship programs.
  • Most online bootcamp programs don’t have a career counselling and job placement structure in place.
  • Most online bootcamp programs don’t have a project based learning program in place.

Join our bootcamp program today to get your hands on the above-mentioned perks and get started with your career.