What are the best websites to learn cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity can be a vast topic if you try to learn it in the university or on your own using websites, EBooks, blogs, and other online resources.

For the reason that it is very vast, it has been broadly divided to suit individual needs and skills in the market. For example, it is easy to find someone with a CISSP certification who specializes in a specific field like network security, device security, hardware security, IoT security, and much more. The popular course people study in Cybersecurity are CISSP, CISCO, penetration testing, and more.

Each of these courses influences not only where beginners start-off from, but also the website they are likely to use if they want to get ahead in their careers without visiting the classroom. Learning courses online today is not only left to workers who have a busy schedule and want to learn in their own free time, but students hoping to make a great career path also find it appealing.

Today, sites are drawing from that segmentation to capture willing and skilled learners who are ready to pay the right price. Some courses we find online are also free but might need you to reach a specific criterion before you can get accepted into the program.

The proliferation of smartphones in the market has given a tremendous boost to cyberattacks. As cyber-attacks continue to fill the internet space, the tools hackers use are becoming sophisticated. They use these tools for their gain and glorification to intrude on people's business. For example, they can have a big or small target who they socially engineer through phishing emails or websites or malicious clickbait.

With the increase in attacks the business needs a better security posture. More importantly, the they need to have more cybersecurity experts at the helm of the IT department to implement that security. It is a no brainer why the need for IT experts keeps increasing, especially cybersecurity experts who can build a firewall and check for vulnerabilities in a company's system.

These might probably be the best time for you to pursue that career you have always wanted in Cybersecurity by learning a course online using one of the many best cybersecurity boot camps we have online.


Quickstart is a company established in 1988 to cater to the IT industry and its growing needs. They have been the pioneers among the few companies to incorporate world-class technology in learning by integrating AI and multimodal functions. 

They have with their technological expertise, a range of courses online, including the most popular one that caters to your needs. They produce webinars, articles, and videos frequently to update their followers about the latest advancement and training in the industry. They offer known courses like CISSP, Security+, CISCO security, and much more.

Becker College

Becker College is an educational instituitionwith a singular purpose of being an education portal for people hoping to learn ethical hacking, penetration testing, network security, and much more. Its cybersecurity courses are the reason it has gain so much populairty among students in a short span.

It’s been designed to take care of the growing members of cybersecurity family by providing beginners and professional courses all year round. Cybrary links members of their programs of experts and trained specialists in the industry to harness what they have already learned. The known courses they propagate include CISSP, CompTIA Security +, Android hacking, IOS hacking and more.


Another open-source website that caters to penetration testing as well as ethical hacking, Notsosecure, is geared towards helping the students understand how to use essential tools to manipulate the system of ethical hacking. They add to your resume the groundwork of becoming a professional website hacker with all the tools and techniques at your disposal.

Texas A&M University

Not often do you get universities who offer courses that could ordinarily be taught in the classroom online, but this one did. Texas University has the best cybersecurity bootcamp online. They have managed to mould students to be interested in Cybersecurity online while offering courses like CompTIA Security+, certified ethical hacking, and much more. 

Whatever they offer you on their portal is meant to add value to what you already know about Cybersecurity and other topics. They help you advance in your career without breaking your bank, so that you can continue dealing with helping firms advance through threats throughout your caree

InfoSec Academy

InfoSec Academy is an online portal to get cybersecurity courses you can study. They have about 50+ additional courses in their portal that covers in a wide range of topics in Cybersecurity — something like penetration testing, ethical hacking, web app hacking and others.

Their courses get written and organized by the best in the business to ensure there are no problems when you put your head down to it. Some courses they offer are perfectly fit for a student, whether as a beginner, intermediate, or professional. You can find popular courses like CISSP, HICSP, and GDSA over there. They also support your online learning with videos and materials that will help you get a great career in the business.

Open Security Training

Like every other course you must have taken to get your certification; it involves a level of expertise from your lecturers. The online course arrangement is the same, and open security training is one portal that provides free material and training that are highly essential to your learning. Also, it will please you to know that the owner of the portal is a Ph.D. graduate with over 15 years of cybersecurity expertise.

They offer various courses for anyone willing to learn, with the best part being that you have to fulfil an objective after each lesson. Their forte is usually intrusion and ethical hacking.

In conclusion, unlike a university, some of these websites might not have an extensive library of courses to choose from. Still, they offer the most popular ones, and they are easily accessible.