ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training

Learn how to leverage the power of service management in your organization by becoming an ITIL Expert

Companies Recruiting ITIL 4 Certified Professionals:


Skills you will learn

Key Concepts

Understand Lean, Agile, DevOps, and why these are important to deliver

ITIL framework

Learn the basics of the ITL Framework

IT service management

Learn the ITIL usage for enhancing the IT service management

Holistic Approach

Understand the four dimensions of Service Management to implement a holistic approach

ITIL 4 Certified Professional
potentially Earns

$92KMin $48K - Max $108K

  • IT executives
  • IT architects
  • Business operation managers
  • IT audit managers
  • IT planners and consultants
  • Database administrators
  • ITSM trainers
  • Service delivery professionals

2 ways to become an ITIL CERTIFIED EXPERT

Online Self-Paced Learning

*Self-paced courses only

Training Duration: 10 hours

  • 10 hours of self-paced video content
  • Free exam voucher
  • Digital books and curated content
  • 1800+ certified experts & instructors


Price $799 $499 limited time offer



Self-paced courses + live coaching classes

Training Duration: 14 hours

  • 10 hours of self-paced video content
  • 4 hours of live coaching (2 hours class, weekly)
  • Free exam voucher
  • Digital books and curated content
  • 1800+ certified experts & instructors
  • Ideal for high impact learning + certification

Price  $799 limited time offer


About the Training

The ITIL certification training offers the knowledge and learnings for the ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification exam. The courseware covers a detailed information about how to manage information technology in the modern service economy. The proven practices of ITSM and different aspects of customer experience, digital transformation, value streams and approaches like DevOps, Lean, and Agile will be the main highlights of the training.

Explore the complete model of IT and digital operations in ITIL 4 environment for creating, delivering, and improving tech-based goods and services. Understand the role of technology and IT teams in business management and processes.

  • Preparation for ITIL 4 Foundation exam to acquire the certification.
  • Utilization for ITIL guidelines to underscore opportunities for developing best IT practices.
  • Communication with IT professionals using terminologies and concepts of ITIL 4.
  • Discover the best practices of service value chain.
  • Acknowledge the significance of information technology in business.

Who should get ITIL® 4 Foundation certificate?

An individual who wish to develop fundamental understanding of the ITIL® 4 framework and its utility within an organization for enhancing the overall IT service management of an organization

An IT professional working for an organization that recently implemented ITIL® 4 and you wish to stay updated about service improvement and contribute in the overall integration of IT services in the business

Ideal for business managers, project managers, and every person who is involved in the IT service delivery

Credits Earned:

2 ITIL® Expert Credits
18 PDU Credits


To take this training,
no prerequisite is required.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Key Concepts of Service Management
  • Service
  • Utility
  • Warranty
  • Customer
  • User
  • Service management
Module 2: Key Concepts of Value Creation
  • Cost
  • Value
  • Organization
  • Outcome
  • Output
  • Risk
  • Utility and Warranty
Module 3: Key Concepts of Service Relationships
  • Service offering
  • Service relationship management
  • Service provision
  • Service consumption
Module 4: Seven Guiding Principles
  • Focus on Value
  • Start Where You Are
  • Progress Iteratively with Feedback
  • Collaborate and Promote Visibility
  • Think and Work Holistically
  • Keep it Simple and Practical
  • Optimize and Automate
Module 5: Four Dimensions of Service Management
  • Organizations and People
  • Information and Technology
  • Partners and Suppliers
  • Value Streams and Processes
Module 6: Components of the ITIL Service Value System
  • Plan
  • Improve
  • Engage
  • Design & Transition
  • Obtain/Build
  • Deliver and Support
Module 7: ITIL Practices
  • General Management Practices
  • Service Management Practices
  • Technical Management Practices
Module 8: How Key ITIL Practices Fit within the Service Value Chain
  • Continual Improvement
  • Change Control
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Service Desk
  • Service Level Management

What Students Are Saying

Kevin V. Gibbons

“The instructors have created a comprehensive curriculum which is good enough to clear the exam. I would rate 9/10 for quality of the training”

Janita P. Harris

“Over the course of my ITIL 4 cert preparation, I took the training from Texas A&M and began to learn about a wide range of set regulations and practices for IT service delivery. Using this newly gained knowledge I was able to bring substantial improvements to my department”

Rodney A. Merrill

“I had received a great support right from assistance with enrolling for exams to answering my questions post workshop, the training covered it all”

Our Online Training Program

Top-notch Learning Experience

Texas A&M online education program allows you to learn IT skills immediately applicable in the professional sphere, while the flexible class schedule also maintain your current employment or academic activities and deliver effective learning. Texas A&M Kingsville is the premier learning institution which offers critical skill-centric training for professionals and students alike.

Premium Reputation

Texas A&M University System is a unique institution in the higher education landscape, recognized in many ways for its combination of excellence, affordability, and ability to develop leaders of character who have an impact on the state, nation, and world. It combines the principles of practical education and outreach that are legacies of its land, sea, and space grant designations with the advanced research mission characteristic of membership in the Association of American Universities (AAU).

Certificate of Completion

The course prepares you for success with ITIL 4 Foundation Certification. Students will receive a certificate of completion upon completing all modules.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ITIL 4 Certification

What is the new ITIL® and why is it necessary?
We are in a time of unprecedented change, known as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ which has created an increasingly fast-paced and complex environment, requiring organizations to be more agile, better equipped to adapt what they do, and ready to adopt new ways of working to succeed. The ITIL 4 framework helps organizations to connect and align these different challenges that are relevant not only to ITSM professionals, but also to a wider range of professionals working in the digital world. ITIL 4 expands on previous versions of ITIL by providing a practical and flexible basis to support organizations on their journey to the new world of digital transformation. It provides an end-to-end IT/digital operating model for the delivery and operation of techenabled products and services. IT teams are enabled to continue to play a crucial role in the wider business strategy. ITIL 4 supports the existing investment that people and organizations have made in ITIL, as it is an expansion on the existing framework. That investment is protected because ITIL 4 provides a practical and flexible transition that helps organizations adopt the new ways of working of the modern digital world.
I have taken ITIL Foundation. How should I transition to ITIL 4?
If a candidate has taken only ITIL v3 foundation, then the recommended approach is to take ITIL 4 foundation in order to be able to transition to the new scheme. There is a large amount of new material in ITIL 4 Foundation therefore a new single exam is required to assess end learner’s knowledge of the new ITIL 4 Foundation guidance. ITIL 4 Foundation is scheduled for release in Q1 2019. Alternatively, end learners also have the option of obtaining 17 credits from the ITIL v3 scheme which would make them eligible to take the ITIL Managing Professional transition module to migrate to the ITIL 4 scheme.
When will translations of ITIL 4 become available?
The first four translations of ITIL 4 Foundation will be German, French, Spanish and Japanese. The exam, syllabus and glossary will be released in Q2 in Spanish, French and German. The manual will be released in Q3 2019. The exam, syllabus, glossary and manual will be released in Japanese in Q3 2019.
When will the publications be released?
The ITIL Foundation guidance was released on 18 February 2019. Information about publications associated with ITIL Specialist, Strategist and Leader will be released in H2 2019.
How do candidates access The Practices?
The Practices will be released via the My ITIL subscription platform. All candidates who take an ITIL exam gain access to this service. More information around publication of The Practices will be released shortly.
When will translations of ITIL 4 become available?
The first four translations of ITIL 4 Foundation will be German, French, Spanish and Japanese. The exam, syllabus and glossary will be released in Q2 in Spanish, French and German. The manual will be released in Q3 2019. The exam, syllabus, glossary and manual will be released in Japanese in Q3 2019.

Read the Complete ITIL 4 FAQs (PDF)

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