Most people who are in the IT industry contend that certifications are of no benefit, and it shouldn't be a factor to determine the potential value of an employee. This argument may look valid, but IT certifications do have a role to play in determining an individual's technical expertise. Obtaining a certification in a particular field shows that an individual can be capable of taking on complex tasks. It also helps in understanding what needs to be done to achieve the set goals of an organization. An individual with certification is guaranteed to be current in the latest technical knowledge. This is a prerequisite for the current changing world of technology.

In the world of Microsoft, certification is a must-have to go further in your chosen career. Microsoft certification does not only benefit the individual who possesses it but also to the world's partner Microsoft ecosystem. 

Like many other platforms, the azure developer certification is a certification that can be achieved by writing its exam. Different from other regular certification, the azure developer certification provides IT professionals with needed resources to learn and understand newer technologies were not in existence some years ago.

Exploring Azure Certifications

There are several levels of certification in the Microsoft azure which are primarily three, starting from the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) to the Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) certification and the Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MSCE) 

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification

The MTA certification is an entry-level certification that validates a professional's technical knowledge on the Microsoft platform. To procure this certification, the candidate only needs to take one exam of his choice, which he wants to obtain the certification.

The Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) Certification

 The MCSA certification is a step up from the MTA. An individual who has reaches the level of the MCSA certification can be able to handle and administer an azure cloud environment. To obtain this particular certification, the individual seeking it will take and pass four specific Microsoft azure exam, which ranges from configuration and the operating of a hybrid cloud with an azure stack to the developing of Microsoft Azure solutions. 

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The Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) Certification

This expert certification is the highest certification one can attain in Azure certification. One who is a certified Microsoft Solution should be able to run a highly efficient and modern data center. 

An Overview of Azure Certification Exams

Below are things which are to be considered while preparing for the certification exam;

Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions: The developing Microsoft Azure solutions exam is built to test a candidate's ability to design, implement, program, and monitor azure solutions. Topics which the individual taking the exam include designing and managing a storage strategy, managing of identity, and the implementation of azure web and mobile services. 

Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions: This azure developer certification exam is designed to ascertain the candidate's knowledge on and experiences in implementing infrastructure solutions on the Microsoft Azure solutions. The exam, in this case, is similar to the azure solutions exam, but in this case, it test's an individual's additional infrastructure-related concepts. Such concepts are in the areas of implementing azure directory and also covers Microsoft operations manager suite 

Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions: This exam is designed to test the aspiring azure developer certification candidates on their solution design skills. The exam also covers various azure related topics like security, storage, data platforms, and your general knowledge on designing applications building of businesses' continuity into solutions design.

Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack: Since Microsoft azure stacks give organizations to provide their users or customers with cloud services from within their cloud data. The exam seeks s to test the ability of the individual to plan, deploy, package as well as to maintain the azure stack infrastructure. 

Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions: This exam helps individuals who wish to get the azure developer certification in ascertaining their skills in the area of designing and implementing the Microsoft data platforms both within an organization and the cloud. They would be examined on implementing and designing, SQL server database solutions, managing of database management system security and lastly, monitoring and managing of database implementation based on azure. 

Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions: This azure developer certification exam is meant for data management professionals. But individuals who wish to obtain MCSE can also take it. 

Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services: This is exam is to ascertain the proficiency of the individuals in the area of web service development. Experience in the area of developing tools, techniques, and approaches for building a scalable and resilient solution.

Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning: This is a new exam created ascertaining an individual's proficiency in data sciences and concepts like filtering and transforming of data sets, model evaluation, and estimation. For this certification, topics covered include operationalizing and managing of azure machine learning coupled with the development of machine learning models. 

Perform Data Engineering on Microsoft HDInsight: Like machine learning, the perform data engineering on Microsoft HDinsight is created to test data architects, data engineers, data developers, and data scientists on the implementation of data engineering workflows on HDinsight. It is pertinent to understanding some concepts and big data analytics such as batch data interactive processing and real-time.

Engineering Data with Microsoft Cloud Service: This covers the knowledge needed by the individual taking the exam on design analytics solutions as well as building them on azure. Se important technologies which the individual is expected to grasp before going for the certification exam are; azure data lake, azure data factory, Azure SQL data warehousing, and azure stream analytics. The exam checks the ability of the individual to design and implement analytics solutions to services mentioned in the topics. 


From the certification aforementioned, one can be able to see that Microsoft takes its certification seriously, especially in the case of the azure developer certification. The primary purpose of these certifications is to provide a solid foundation and a measure for testing the skill and knowledge of professional on a particular area of interest of technology. When dealing with Microsoft certified professional of azure developer certification, an organization should rest assured of world-class azure solutions.