The Information Technology industry is blooming and need for talented individuals to sustain this growth will increase exponentially with it. Recent research and surveys have shown that Computer Science based careers have seen a growth rate of more than 70% in the past five years and by 2022 more than 80% career paths would be Computer Science related. With this increasing flux of digitization, there is a huge need of coding experts in the today’s job market.

Online coding bootcamps are perhaps the biggest contributor in meeting the demands these days. Instead of opting a multi-year degree program, many students want to learn their precise skill of interest in a relatively shorter amount of time. Although there are countless way of becoming a professional software engineer/professional but online coding bootcamps have proved to the most progressive and efficient model for learning.

Online coding bootcamps are rated so highly because of the immense flexibility the programs have to offer, online coding bootcamps offer flexible structure and learning model too. If you are more inclined towards the user interface of applications you can opt for UI/UX online bootcamp. For people interested in developing custom applications for different web platform you can opt for Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp, there are literally countless options to choose from when it comes to online coding bootcamp. That is why we have put together this brief guide to help you make a better decision.

Perks of joining an Online Coding Bootcamp:

  1. Learn at your own time, at your own terms

The greatest challenge towards learning a new skill for many individuals to make out time for it, conventional education require a lot of time and people working at full time jobs just don’t have that. Online coding bootcamps offer a flexible schedule where you have to take out 12-15 hours per week of your choosing and learn to code.

  1. There are no commute or geographical issues

Online coding bootcamps are 100% virtual, you only need a computer and a decent internet connection to get plugged in. This saves you a lot of hassle from relocation to time allocation. Doesn’t matter where you live, with online coding bootcamps you can learn to code from the comfort of your home.

  1. Organized and up-to-date academic model

Studies have shown that more than 90% people who try to learn coding on their own tend to give up midway. With online coding bootcamps you get to experience a collaborate environment led by industry expert mentors, many sessions are conducted where you can raise your concerns and challenges, the instructor help you navigate through these challenges. 

  1. Learn to collaborate digitally

The fundamental skill any IT professional needs to have is the effective communication amongst members from within or even outside. Coding may seem like a lone-rangers activity but it actually requires tons of collaborative work, for example when building user interfaces developers work closely with the design and project management to efficiently roll out the product.

The group environment in online coding bootcamp nurtures you for the practices you will be adapting professionally, the learn to play with others and how complex tasks and broken down into modules to increase project efficiency.

  1. Learn from the best

One of the biggest factor that separates a master coding professional from the decent ones is strong and impactful mentoring. Learning from top industry professionals is a remarkable experience offered in online coding bootcamps, these instructor will take out time weekly or even bi-weekly to help with your problem and offer their valuable insight on how to tackle them. In an online coding bootcamp working with industry professional also gives you deep insight on the norms and protocols being used in the professional space.

  1. Become part of a community

The biggest advantage of attending an online coding bootcamp is that you get to interact and learn from like-minded people. Thorough video conferencing and online classrooms, you build a support which is crucial not just for learning how to code but for your development as a professional as well.

What will you learn?

Online coding bootcamps vary greatly in terms of the curriculum, coding a vast domain spread over more than 100 career paths that is why online coding bootcamps offer multiple specializations based on your path of interest. Here we are listing down some of the most popular online coding bootcamps.

  • Front End Web Development Bootcamp

Front End and UI/UX Development Bootcamp includes languages and components involved with the visual aspects of the web interfaces. Most Front End related online coding bootcamps started with the basic knowledge of web architecture and standard markup protocols and go as far to create complex web animations and responsive components.

An ideal roadmap for UI/UX online coding bootcamp would be:

  1. Basics of web markup and HTML
  2. Fundamental SEO and web semantics
  3. Learning layouts and grid with CSS
  4. Media queries and responsive web development
  5. Javascript structure and syntax
  6. Knowledge of browser DOM manipulation
  7. Layouts and wireframes with experience design tools suchs Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma.

For roadmap for Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp is a bit more comprehensive and contains the contents of UI/UX plus additional skills like:

  1. Backend scripting languages such as PHP, Ruby and Node JS.
  2. Learning GIT and package managers
  3. Caching and Restful API’s
  4. Databases structures and algorithms
  5. DevOps (optional)

Does an Online Coding Bootcamp guarantee jobs?

In the past decade there has been an explosion of big and small companies offering to teach web development skills through online coding bootcamps. This is because of huge job market and need for professionals that is increasing by the day as more and more business shift their real estate online the need to create and maintain these platforms will increase as well.

Our online coding bootcamp delivers a 100% job guarantee where after completion our career counselors which be in constant touch with you and many tech companies to speed up the hiring process. Our career advisors will also help you build a comprehensive portfolio that will help put you launch a highly rewarding and lucrative career in coding.